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  1. Gazing at the first 9 entries of this thread, maybe the word count was the wrong part of Derek's posts to question. all jokes aside, this is their best album.
  2. I guess you missed the Fyre festival then. Bummer. It was rad. Ja was there.
  3. I'm sorry - this was supposed to read as a ringing endorsement? My mistake
  4. didn't know there were still bands out there that sound like this.... what a shame.
  5. i inch closer to believing tug is a troll when i see things like this
  6. forget him! you are certainly thriving off an authoritarian adrenaline rush
  7. exactly where i am after 2 listens. its not bringing anything new to the table
  8. If the title alone doesn't give it away, not much originality, lyrical content or much of anything else in that single. I guess that's what you get when your song was written by an executive at UMG. truly a globalist's wet dream. Dick Cheney's single of the week!
  9. hopefully checking out on the new site feels less like buying on silk road
  10. You are basically demanding that all labels (including <5 year old mini-labels like 100% Electronica) cater to some arbitrary pressing quantity, when if you instead would watch how artists emerge and the demand for their physical media grows, you would notice how this label has upped their pressing quantities significantly with each release over the last few years. the fact that 1000+ of most of their albums hasn't met the demand speaks to the roster, not the lacking supply.
  11. nah, youre still a bish if you complain when you miss a drop. limited b limited, b
  12. Getting started early on your New Year's Resolution to be more self-congratulatory? Nice!
  13. theyre more poppy and upbeat, but i think their tracks dont quite have the strength in structure and peaks that holy fawn's do. also, i found the songs on aurora are not particularly diverse - listened to the album it 5-8 times and no particular track stood out, although i liked the project as a whole.
  14. well, we know who will be stealing that show.... (Holy Fawn) Also need that Death Spells vinyl pronto tonto