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  1. I got a purple. reddit person said there are 5k of these colors. Plus a white indie exclusive.
  2. Sup. Haven't seen many folks mentioning Whatnot record auctions around here yet, but wanted to see how this community feels about it. Has anyone had any experience buying or selling or observing yet? It seems like it's definitely becoming "a thing" but cannot tell if it's gonna be the future or just a passing niche marketplace. The aggressive advertising online kinda feels reminiscent to the #VNYL days lmfao. I've only logged on a few times and poked around. I only saw sealed mainstream records and boomer records being sold. I see some "influencer" type of record collectors from instagram and youtube promoting their auctions. I personally cannot see myself every being like, "oh shit, i gotta make sure i'm free at 7 PM PST to watch an auction." I also truly cannot tell if you can get good deals... or get what you wanted to make as a seller for that matter. Anyway, super curious to hear your takes!
  3. Smartpunk has bunch of deals rolling out. 50% off their label releases tomorrow. They have discounts on certain LPs dropping on their IG stories, too. https://www.instagram.com/p/ClPhLBup_YL/
  4. This is the least effort I put into RSD even tho I was desperate for Alex G. I got it at the shop that had like the least amount of RSD stuff in town, and an hour before close. An RSD miracle tbh.
  5. Parting Gift Records has some drops: Restocks on 11/23 Test Presses on 11/25 Mystery Boxes on the 11/28 https://www.instagram.com/p/ClOi1KSrb4I/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. Went way out to some small town Walmarts yesterday. Found 3EB, Load, Reload, Death Magnetic, and St. Anger.
  7. thank you! great record. saw him the day this came out when he was opening for Bright Eyes.
  8. Target has buy 2 get 1 free for all records starting Sunday
  9. Been to two so far and picked up: Danger Days, Black Parade, Tickets to My Downfall, Hybrid Theory, Follow the Leader Haven't seen any AIC, 3EB, Green Day, or many of the hip-hop exclusives (Migos, Future, Nipsey etc.) Gonna hunt around the suburbs and small town Walmarts this weekend. If anyone has a wantlist let me know. Down to trade or ship some stuff.
  10. hoping the deal is good in store this week. I have FOMO for missing 3EB, Hybrid Theory, and KoRn.
  11. Yep, immediately after placing your order and checking out you can go in and cancel the $80 thing. I used paypal and it hasn't reconciled the refund on the cancelled item, but the UO order page reflects and confirmed that I cancelled the item.
  12. Finally tried the hack where I added a $50 item to get to the free shipping threshold and then cancelled the item after checking out. Free shipping remained.