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  1. Yeah some folks on reddit were giving out $10 codes for their sale this week. I have one i didn't use, you can message me if you want it. I'm sure the guy who gave it to me would be happy.
  2. Well after a literal half of a year, I finally got my No Sleep order from December. All in-stock items. It took 3 months of No Sleep and Awesome Merch saying “we’re on it” and 3 more months of them saying “shipping this next week” and then one final email of me desperately pleading with them to do something.
  3. lol doing a big bump. all of Hotelier's discography went out of print for about a year and represses are popping up via Christian's new label (and i think via partnership with Counter Intuitive) Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/search?art=The Hotelier&so=0&page=1 Rough Trade: https://roughtrade.com/us/the-hotelier
  4. Letting these go cheap! Shirts and vinyl starts at $4 shipping Clothing will be washed before shipping. Bundle deals are possible if you buy more! Take some chances on some stuff you're not familiar with ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHIRTS + HOODIES PICS: https://imgur.com/a/oWX8rTo $8 - Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold | Medium $14 - Thursday track jacket | Small $8 - Sinai Vessel | Medium $8 - Pet Symmetry | Small $5 - Close Your Eyes hoodie | Small $10 - Between the Buried and Me hoodie | Small $10 - Streetlight Manifest0 hoodie | Small LPs $10 | Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded | white vinyl | pop-punk champions $13 | Gatsbys American Dream - In the Land of Lost Monsters | clear | 00s emo adjacent $9 | Braid - Age of Octeen | Polyvinyl press | 90s emo duh $18 | Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again | the GOAT $7 | Looming - Nailbiter | green, blue vinyl | grungy emo No Sleep Records $7 | Brightside - Now and Loud | Violet | pretty sounding emo, toured with TWIABP $7 | Island of Misfit Toys - I Made You Something | Theatric, Say Anything-esque emo $6 | Funeralbloom - Petals | cream | screamo, lofi black metal-ish? $8 | Big Scary Monsters - Emo Compilation (American Football, Pedro the Lion, mewithoutYou, etc) - Let's Just Do It And Be Legends | picture disc | look at it here 7-INCHES $4 | Camera Shy - Crystal Clear | blue, RSD release | dream-pop, Run for Cover $2 | Braid - Kids Get Grids | blue, RSD release | emo $10 | Julien Baker - Red Door | red, RSD release | sad indie $10 | Conor Oberst / Dawes - Split | RSD release
  5. DELETE - double post smh
  6. I saw Bright Eyes in March and it was a real concerning performance. Conor ruined every song that wasn't a new song. They had to restart 3 songs, Conor's stage banter was incoherent and never-ending, he fell into the drums at point. It's realllly clear something isn't okay with him. I hope he gets well.
  7. My initial thought is: "but people will still pay these prices, right?" I keep seeing preorders that at are $45-$60 that still sell out no problem. I dont know why, but I never saw the bubble bursting because of people priced out of vinyl. I just figured the trendiness, culture, and allure of it dying out in a bunch of years would do it?
  8. Topshelf Records spring sale 2022! - 25% off everything in US and UK shops* - 15% off on bandcamp - bandcamp subscription lowered to $8/month - restocked & new items - orders over $100 get a free random test press - use code: BADSUMMER
  9. Oh this must be the release Pat Kindlon was talking yapping about Drug Church having to do a punk cover for on Axe To Grind like a year ago. Excited to hear what they cooked up.
  10. Just curious, what is this referring to?
  11. yeah most of their IG follows are the Parting Gift Records people
  12. I don’t think it matters if it’s a big band. Look at this Clapton thing from December… https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/german-woman-fined-eric-clapton-bootleg-ebay-1273130/amp/ it’s also been random what boots are allowed to sell on Discogs too? Seems like no rhyme or reason as too what their marketplace will allow for boots.
  13. Damn, did not expect so many people to have similar experiences. TY all for weighing in. So, I chatted with a helpful eBay rep who said I shouldn't ship the record and the buyer is refunded automatically. There will be no funds released to me. So there's that. But I wonder what would have happened if I had already shipped it?? 🤔
  14. i don't know about the label operations, but the brick and mortar store kept operating under a new name... https://pitchfork.com/news/disgraced-label-burger-records-headquarters-lives-on-as-white-rabbit-shop/

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