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  1. Except the CD edition won't have all the B-sides. Just some (not all) of the extended mixes. And none of the original songs, as they were on Join The Dots ages ago. Shame, cuz the Wish B-sides might be the best ones they ever did. Certainly the best set of songs relative to the album.... I honestly prefer "The Big Hand" and "Foolish Arrangement" and "Twilight Garden" to half the tracks on Wish itself.
  2. Yeah, AIC never really "did" B-sides or unreleased tracks, even back in the day. And their archives have been picked over pretty ravenously by the Sony vultures (ahem) for a good 2 decades now. That said, there's a decent amount of non-album stuff they COULD use as B-sides on those singles.... Although, knowing Sony and AIC, this probably won't happen. But all these tracks have been available digitally for years on the Music Bank box. "Fear The Voices" (Dirt studio outtake) "Iron Gland" (Dirt outtake that's a 43-second throwaway) "Lying Season" (1991 demo, considered for Dirt) "Rooster" (1991 demo) "Junkhead" (1991 demo) "What The Hell Have I" (Dirt studio outtake, appeared on Last Action Hero soundtrack) "A Little Bitter" (Dirt studio outtake, appeared on Last Action Hero soundtrack) There's also a live version of "Rooster" on the Nothing Safe compilation. And the Last Action Hero tracks already appeared on vinyl on this double RSD 7".... although that's pricey now, I guess. https://www.discogs.com/release/10167478-Alice-In-Chains-What-The-Hell-Have-I-Get-Born-Again
  3. Post reviews if you got 'em. I might've been overly optimistic about this one.... Figured they'd master for vinyl and ideally use the uncompressed mixes. In hindsight, our guy J.J. Puig probably bakes the compression into the tracks. What I'm saying is, MOV worked with what they had.... which is a still-very-compressed mix, and CD artwork blown up to vinyl size. It definitely improves on my original CD, but that might just be because my table runs into a nice tube preamp, and my BR player runs into.... the receiver. Depending on your setup, not sure how much difference you'll notice over the $1 CD, or if it's worth $30 to compare.
  4. Anyone bought these yet? I compared the new Saturdays to my original press. (Well, it was one that came with a CD and still had M83's MySpace page on the back cover.) My old copy has TruTone Mastering in the deadwax, which doesn't seem to match anything on Discogs, so it might be "secret" reissue. The new one sounds fine... until I put on the old copy. Night-and-day better. Deeper bass, really nice high end. The RSD is muted by comparison. Shame, cuz the color is absolutely gorgeous. Might just keep it for the aesthetics.
  5. We can agree to disagree. If you want to hear the difference, check out one of the louder songs on TDS. The DE and the KG will "break up" in the heavy moments, particularly the DE, which was cut from the same remastered hi-res files that were compressed over the original. So it's gonna give you more of a wall of sound. The US promo doesn't get congested in these moments. It's obviously loud, but you can pick out all the individual instruments still. It's really an amazing mastering job, particularly for '94. But like I say, individual opinions differ. I also prefer the original CD mastering over the new Definitive Edition FLACs, for the same reason. YMMV. Considering I have the same reaction to the Definitives of Broken and Fragile, I'm really jonesing to find an original of the former. The Definitive Fragile is probably as good as it gets, the original of that wasn't mastered any better apparently (and noisy to boot).
  6. This is not remotely true. The 2008 KG press is more dynamic than the "Definitive" pressing. And I just obtained a minty US promo copy from '94 and that's a clear upgrade over the 2008. So the "Definitive" of TDS is third, at best, but I suspect the European originals beat it as well. That said, the Definitive With Teeth is supposed to trump an OP so there ya go. I wasn't impressed with my original copy years ago (since sold), so there was definitely room to upgrade there.
  7. I think one of my earliest Vinyl Collective memories is pre-ordering The Barsuk Collection after seeing a thread about it here. Money well spent, amazing collection, and honestly a wonder it's not priced higher in the aftermarket these days. Good that people can get the Stability EP for a decent price again, though. Oh, Photo Album is #2 for me behind Transatlanticism. Only other vinyl I own is Plans, which I love as much as the Barsuk stuff, and then I get off the train after Narrow Stairs.
  8. [deep breath] Taylor Swift albums on vinyl just don't sound that good. It's not her fault, it's just the nature of the recording (digital realm) and the cutting (hi-res digital files). Unless you have a genius doing the mastering, like a Kevin Gray or Chris Bellman, you're gonna get that flat, "digital on vinyl" sound. I don't think her target audience particularly notices or cares.... But I'm also on the Hoffman boards, and the FolkEverMore records got a LOT of those older guys into Swifty-T. And they bought the vinyl, expecting SQ like a great Joni Mitchell 70s cut. (Or a great Kevin Gray AAA Joni reissue.) Aaaaand.... The FolkEverMore records aren't that. They're GOOD by Taylor standards, but if you mostly listen to 100% analog cuts from the 60s/70s/80s, you can tell the difference. I was a bit disappointed, honestly. But I learned my lesson after selling the 1989 RSD cuz the SQ sucked. MAN that thing appreciated. So I'm hanging onto Folklore for collectibility, and maybe I'll be tempted by a red vinyl of the Red 4LP (my favorite TS along with 1989)..... but it's too bad these records don't sound better on wax.
  9. Does 2Pac count as pop? #1 album, #1 single, same hip-hop sound that 95% of current pop emulates..... https://www.discogs.com/2Pac-All-Eyez-On-Me/release/238369 EDIT: Forgot the grandaddy of them all. Springsteen's Live 75-85 set.... FIVE LPs or 3 CDs. Sold more copies in a week than any (every?) major artist will sell in all of 2021. If that's not pop I don't know what is: https://www.discogs.com/Bruce-Springsteen-The-E-Street-Band-Live-1975-85/release/1333395 I also feel like a 4-LP set that's 75% previously released songs (in VERY slightly different versions) feels more like a reissue than a truly original album, but I guess that's splitting hairs. TS could certainly pull off an absolutely BRAND-NEW 4LP release if that was her desire, and it would've been fascinating if Folklore/Evermore had been combined that way, instead of two separate releases in one year. In a way, she DID do what JT did with 20/20.
  10. Nope, not even the first pop album this WEEK. New Beatles reissue, 4 LPs plus a bonus 12". https://superdeluxeedition.com/news/the-beatles-let-it-be-reissue/ Now you might be saying, "But.... But this is a REISSUE!" Mark my words, that's exactly what Taylor is doing with this version of Red. Yes, it's re-recorded, but it's not a brand-new album. The audience for a $50 vinyl set are the people who knew & loved the original Red (on CD) and now want to spring for a vinyl copy with extra unreleased songs. Which is no different than the Beatles audience (but younger). As for actual pop albums that were 4XLP upon their FIRST release.... Chili Peppers' double-CD Stadium Arcadium was released as a 4XLP vinyl box at the same time. (Maybe they're not technically "pop," but the album hit #1 and the first single hit #6 in America and #2 UK, so "pop" enough.) https://www.discogs.com/Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-Stadium-Arcadium/release/1629020 Along the same lines, the Pumpkins' Mellon Collie was a 3LP set upon initial release, then a 4LP with the reissue. (At 33 songs, the reissue contained LESS songs than the 3LP but spread them out more, similar to what Taylor is doing here.) And good ol' George Harrison dropped a triple-LP all the way back in 1971.... which went to #1 along with the single and sold a ton of copies, so 100% pop.
  11. Also, seeing how negative that last post sounded, I'll just add.... I haven't listened to this album start-to-finish in quite a while, and crushed mastering aside, it still holds up. "Eriatarka" kicks like a fuckin' mule. Brings back memories. I just wish there was a more dynamic master out there somewhere. I'm mostly collecting and listening to 70s and 80s pressings these days and you just can't beat a really good analog rock recording cut well where you can crank it all day.....
  12. Well, I upgraded my table last year, and that alone costs $2K. And I just played the MOV gold and the VMP gold pressing, back to back, Record 1 only. And they sound basically identical. I mean, I could lie and say the "artist approved" Clouds Hill pressing is more dynamic, or clearer, but honestly.... In a blind test I couldn't tell these apart. They're both cut extremely loud and not much more dynamic than the original CD. Both of them even have surface noise in the same spots. (Beginnings of each side during the quiet parts.) I mean, this is par for the course for Cedric & Omar, but it's still hilarious they pitched a fit over the MOV reissue, cancelled the FtM MOV release, waited 7 (??) years to do their "official" reissues, and.... They're basically the same. I guess the "back cover" is now the "front cover." GREAT. I still have the box set sealed, definitely selling that now once prices start going up in a few years.
  13. I assume you sold that OG Siamese Dream right?

  14. I contacted customer service, and a guy switched out Doors for Demon Days for me before they shipped. Not sure if the same would work for you. Honestly, I might wind up getting the Doors album anyway.... IF the reviews are good. There really isn't a good version of the mono cut available anywhere. But VMP are so hit-or-miss on these, although sometimes they really knock it out of the park (like that Aretha record). Anyway, @MyEnemy, if they get this one right, I'll probably take that Doors off your hands.
  15. The first Zeppelin I bought, when I got back into vinyl in 2011, were U.S. originals pulled out of the used bin for $7.99 apiece. Some U.S. copies can sound AMAZING. (Ideally, if they have an "RL" or "AT/GP" in the deadwax. There's more to it than that, but it's a start.) The "wrong" pressings can sound like bad AM radio. Of course, I didn't buy the right pressings, and wondered why Zeppelin sounded so bad on vinyl. Then I got the Mothership on vinyl, used for about $40. Compared to the "bad" pressings, it's a clear improvement. A few years later, the 2014 reissues came out, and those were about the same or slightly better than the same tracks on Mothership. Now I've come full circle, and have managed to find most of the "good" U.S. Zeppelin pressings without breaking the bank. So I already sold the Mothership set and am trying to sell the 2014 reissues. I guess to summarize: If you want to put in the effort, the better original pressings of every Zep album are gonna smoke the Mothership tracks. But if your system is modest and you just want a one-stop Zep collection for not too much money, Mothership is a good deal. Or grab it now, track down originals over time, and sell Mothership for a nice profit when you're done.
  16. Sadly, yes, even the ones originally recorded to tape. That's why prices for the analog originals stay super high. Once in a while an artist is smart about it (like Petty doing an AAA reissue of Wildflowers) but not often.
  17. Sigh. I was a huge fan of this band for sooooo long, but now.... I just can't. But I'd still buy a repress of Desert Life in a heartbeat. Even if I know in my heart of hearts it'll just be a super generic vinyl-cut-from-digital issue. At least I'm lucky to have fantastic sounding copies of their two best albums: The double AP of August (seriously, buy this if you haven't before it's stupid expensive) and the original double Satellites cut from tape (bought in 199-ish for... $15 I think?).
  18. Also available here, with shipping comes out to around $85. Based on the description I'm still not sure the original samples are gonna be included.... But if not, then what was the 3-year legal holdup? https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Since-I-Left-You-20th-Anniversary-Deluxe-Edition/6XSJ0000000
  19. A National setlist without Terrible Love OR Mr. November OR Fake Empire OR Bloodbuzz Ohio? Was this even a show in 2018?!? FTR I would've loved to catch a show like this. The last couple times I've seen them, I've suffered from "National Fatigue".... Not their fault, just that the new stuff doesn't grab me and they tend to rotate the same handful of older songs. I guess this is what happens when you follow a band for a while. The third time I saw them remains my favorite setlist (and performance) of theirs. I know why Matt won't do it now but MAN I miss the years when he would play songs like "Available" and shred his vocal cords. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-national/2010/raleigh-memorial-auditorium-raleigh-nc-1bd52de4.html
  20. I think I have Variants #4 & 5 out of /100 (approx). Saw her play solo in a room that held maybe 50.... She was sold out of the tour variant or I would've snagged that too. Still waiting for 6131's elusive "Plays Quietly Without Pops Or Clicks" variant.
  21. The QRP August is either between pressings (which has happened before) or is OOP. Either way, smart move on grabbing via VMP. AP also needs to repress both their versions of Pet Sounds while they're at it....
  22. If this doesn't sum up the Taylor Swift marketing strategy, I'm not sure what does.
  23. The fact that the guy who once screamed "God is dead/ And no one cares," while writhing on the floor in S&M bondage gear, just composed a perfect 1930s musical pastiche of a score in 2020 is.... mind-blowing.
  24. Thanks for the heads up. I spent one very long, very fruitless Friday, driving to 5 different Targets who all had "6 copies in stock" according to their website, and none on their actual floor for sale. (I guess I should've looked in children's clothes, in hindsight.) And during a pandemic, at that. Not a good idea all around. So I will gladly order multiple copies of this online, and let Target deliver to me, rather than dealing with humanity yet again. And yes, multiple copies.... because I've been a PJ fan for 19 years, and if I've learned anything, it's that anything even semi-limited WILL eventually escalate in value, often obscenely.
  25. Yeah, apparently all of the $20-25 vinyl reissues use the same digital mastering going back to the 80s (done by George Horn). The only difference is the color. Different outlets sell different variants each year: VMP did one, as did Kohl's, Cracker Barrel (!!), and I think UO has done 3 or 4 by now. If you want all-analog, this is the only one to get, and it's gonna set you back $150+ at this point. (The 45 RPM version of this is even pricier.) But you might get lucky and find one cheaper! Check UPCs! https://www.discogs.com/Vince-Guaraldi-Trio-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas/release/6355463

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