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PO SOON - Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go

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Uhhhhhhh. Who do you consider "old school"?

From the B9: 20 rejected tests 20 accepted tests 300 x Opaque Purple / Opaque Blue Mix 300 x White / Clear Mix 700 x White / Black Mix 2700 x White

I just want this blacklisted album on my table asap haha. Gonna be an awesome year for deathwish, hoping we get some new converge this year as well.

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Too much crap to sift through to find the proper HTHLTG thread....


Sold out now...damnit...


10th Anniversary pressing of HTHLTG. New cover/insert. Audio is the 2014 remaster version. Limited to only 275. Only 60 online, the rest for tour.
NOTE - While i have the vinyl right now at my house, the inserts are currently sitting in Europe. These will ship May 1st when I get home from Blacklisted EU tour and have the inserts with me.








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1 hour ago, hallowken78 said:

There's also going to be  EU tour exclusive 12" with 2 new songs plus the 2 songs from the Dry Shaving flexi and it's super limited (I think to 135 or something like that).   A 7" will also be released of just the 2 new songs.

A 12-inch is even BETTER! :D


However, I do not live in Europe. Will the 12-inch be available in the States?

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57 minutes ago, Plarocks said:

A 12-inch is even BETTER! :D


However, I do not live in Europe. Will the 12-inch be available in the States?

Not from what I saw on Instagram.  Tour only.  Maybe if they somehow didn't sell out then some could make their way online after the tour, but I think the chances of that are slim to none.

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1 hour ago, lungfutang said:

"Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God" 10th Anniversary Repress back up for those that missed out...


Good looking out.  Only 275 seems a pretty small run for a new layout. Wonder if they do another press for the states.  The tour color 7” is up too. 

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