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How is it that copies of The Midnight's "Endless Summer" LP are still available!? It's like this is some super secret link or something...never even saw them post about it. So, in case anyone still needs a copy here you go.



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The Rise Of The Synths (Collectors Edition) 'Trans Purple' Vinyl - VA *PRE ORDER*




* The first Synthwave Compilation of it's kind on Vinyl

* Official Companion Soundtrack Album To The Forthcoming Film The Rise of The Synths

* Featuring many of the best known SynthWave Bands including GUNSHIP, CARPENTER BRUT, COM TRUISE and more!

* 100% Exclusive Original Songs from the 2 EPs, Plus New Bonus Tracks for this Full Length Release

* Original "Synthcity" and "SynthRider" artwork by Illustrator, Musician and Art Director John Bergin

* 2XLP Release 
* 140g "Synthwave" Translucent Purple Vinyl 
* Vinyl Color for Display Purposes Only - Actual Vinyl Product May Vary

The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album)

01 “Deckard Returns” - Chrome Canyon 
02 “The Vale Of Shadows” - Gunship 
03 “Fatal Affair” - Power Glove 
04 “Makita” - Geno Lenardo 
05 “Idle Withdrawal” - Com Truise

01 “Lost In A Love” - Daniel Davies 
02 “Silver Shadow” - Robert Parker 
03 “A Mission To Remember” - Waveshaper 
04 “Black Rain” - Code Elektro 
05 “The Osbourne Effect” - German Engineering

01 “Triage” - Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne 
02 “Night Stalker” - Carpenter Brut 
03 “Crash & Burn” - John Bergin 
04 “Dead of Night” - Dance With The Dead 
05 “A Hero’s Journey” - Lazerhawk

01 “Rebar (Prologue)” - OGRE 
02 “Fleshman” - John Bergin 
03 “Stargate” - Mega Drive 
04 “Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler” - Voyager

Available on or around Dec 8th

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Saw GosT for the 3rd time this year along with Dance with the Dead. Tonight was a banger. He played a lot of old material like "Ritual"! And no mask tonight!


He played some tracks off "Possession" one of them being the song from the album trailer.  They were all pretty good. Also, this album might feature more vocals. He sang an entire song!

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timecop1983 - reflections is finally out. shipping to the USA is a flat rate 29.90 EUR, and they were only allowing 1 copy per order. they changed it today to allow 3 copies, so i went ahead and ordered 3. one of mine may be spoken for but i will definitely have at least one extra if anyone here wants it. it will be $46 shipped in the USA. still steep but much more manageable than the ~$65 that it was for one copy.


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DOUBLE DRAGON "double dragon" VINYL 2xLP (MUF050)

MUSICFEARSATAN celebrates its 50th release by releasing the first DOUBLE DRAGON self-titled record on vinyl, the CD version was released by the band itself in 2015. Having already composed a few horror movies soundtracks, the two musicians hailing from Montpellier are the best kept secret of the french synthwave scene, playing a glorious music combining a gloomy and hypnotic atmosphere influenced by JOHN CARPENTER and an electronic spirit ala KAVINSKI. This record is limited to 300 copies on red vinyl enhanced by an exclusive bonus track and a download card.

STREAM  : https://musicfearsatan.bandcamp.com/album/double-dragon-double-dragon-2xlp
BUY  : http://musicfearsatan.com/eshop/vinyl/double-dragon-double-dragon-2

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