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  1. All hope is gone next?? According to some guy on reddit apparently going up for pre-order in a couple days.
  2. Wonder if these are just manufacturing errors and they're trying to pass them off as variants or something haha
  3. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't even take a release fully selling out before they start raising prices. Cool store, but awful practice.
  4. I hope Vol.3 gets some kind of remastering treatment. I don't know about the OG pressing, but the RSD version has the awful Rick Rubin mix with relentless compression.
  5. Somethin' be fishy. It has purity listed. But also, Frail Limb Nursery isn't on it.
  6. @satoshi – Newbury is up! https://www.newburycomics.com/products/denzel_curry-melt_my_eyez_exclusive_lp?variant=41336273207476 Really love how much this one matches the obi.
  7. Yeah, that shipping is not friendly. Wonder why they couldn't have just put them up on the quarter prod web shop. Or at least offer some other items on that new site.
  8. Tbh I kind of get it. Quality is a crapshoot, everything's a pre-order, production costs are rising, and getting records damaged in the mail sucks. But I dunno, I don't think these things should be affecting how you feel about music. At the end of the day, it's just stuff. Don't sell your collection. Just enjoy what you have and maybe focus on buying from labels you know will ship things securely or have a good return/replacement policy.
  9. It's up! Going back to freaking sleep. Edit: holy hell...3 min, and it's sold out...
  10. Not that I could find. But I would also have to guess that it's pretty limited. I think it might be closer to $85 PPD. Shipping is showing as 3,200Y for me (tested with a copy of amplifier worship) making the total a whopping 8,920Y. I might end up just getting both variants to make the most of the shipping.
  11. Aaaaand there it is. 12/17 10PM JST fanclub variants of flood will be on sale on NYD. PST will be 5AM so that's gonna be fun : https://www.instagram.com/nydcollectionjp/p/CXfeBUDJ_aH/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. @Derek™ keep a pulse on the NYD webshop. Somebody on a Facebook Boris fan group says they saw a few flood related items pop up on NYDs FB store for a hot second. Among those items they say were included are the elusive fan club variant of Flood @ ¥ 5,700 and the TMR vault exclusive as well @ ¥4,000. Could be that they're trying to match the initial release date of the album on 12.15. So, maybe we'll see something pop up tomorrow 🤞
  13. Just leave the hobby now. You will inevitably miss that 1/25 variant down the line and, at the point, is what you have really a collection? In all seriousness though, I guess it depends on what type of music you're looking for. If you're into pop music, you can probably find what you're looking for on any major music store like Rough Trade, Turntable Lab, etc. For Soundtracks, Mondo, Invada, Waxwork Records are good. For myself, I find the best ways to find releases are: Following artists that you like on social media. They usually post if they are releasing something on vinyl. Looking up what labels your favorite artists are on and keeping up with their social media. Depending on how small a label or artist is, sometimes it's the only way to get info on upcoming vinyl releases Exploring on bandcamp Joining facebook, reddit or discord groups. I've lucked out so many times seeing a post on a repress or new release and being able to snag something And of course, visiting this forum! Have a fun time collecting!
  14. Thanks for posting this! Grabbed the opaque marbled and finally picked up The Raging River while I was at it.
  15. That is correct, it is Infinite. They posted a photo on their Facebook:
  16. I hate getting sealed records. More often than not, the jackets come with seam splits. And it's good to test play new records with how many bad pressings there are nowadays. Have had to return/exchange like 4 or 5 records within the past year for audio defects.
  17. @Gumbo72203 🇺🇸 US folks: https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/search?q=cult+of+luna P.S. code mbrxmas21 for %15 off your order. P.S.S. The Dawn To Fear boxset is on sale at $45 too (I actually ended up picking that up as well).
  18. I'm sure there's a reason for not doing this, but how hard would have it been to just label each variant with a sticker that's more descriptive than "color vinyl / limited edition"? Also, comment from discogs: "...That being said, wtf is this version that we have? Last email I received from TMR was "Would you send me a photo of the front of the record you received? I will be able to determine the variant you sent by the stickers or lack of stickers on the shrink wrap." If true, why couldn't they identify and send the right version before?
  19. This definitely a boot. It's a single jacket and sound quality is apparently not so great:
  20. Side note, I love how easy it is to cancel something on Zia. It's literally one button press. Hate to do that to them 😬 but it's a nearly $15 difference
  21. I think that's a consistent manufacturing defect with Third Man Records. I had the same exact issue with Amplifier Worship. I ordered the fanclub white/green eclipse variant off the NYD web store. When I reached out to them about the issue they told me it was a pressing issue. I was able to request a replacement disc, but the whooshing was present on that copy as well to some degree. Shoddy quality control and they have the audacity to lock exclusives behind a subscription service. Here's a snippet of the reply I got from NYD regarding Amplifier Worship: "We showed the video you provided to Boris team, and explained the situation. It seems that it's the result of trouble that occurred during the pressing of the records, and some discs exhibit the noise while others don’t. We still have spare stock of the product, so we would be able to send a replacement. However, there is the possibility that the replacement LP would also exhibit the same noise."

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