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Don't expect Satan to do anything. If you ever want an honest opinion of him, listen to Rob Ray talk about it him, it's hilarious. Sure he'll get some points, but he'll be the guy that gets the empty net goal. He'll pull off some ridiculous thing when it's 6-1 already. He's the A-Rod of hockey, but not even close with effort.

we will see, wont we?

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The A-Rod of hockey? Are you seriously implying that A Rod is a worthless player? He's one of, if not, the best players of all time. He's going to shatter every single record. Just because he hasn't done well in limited post-season appearances, he sucks?

He's not worthless, he just shines in useless moments.
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All I'm saying is that A-Rod does have magical stats, just not in high-needs moments.

But we're talking hockey, and my real point was that Satan loves to pad his stats whenever he can. He's lazy, selfish, and doesn't really care if people see that. He has such an upside that he never, ever taps into. He's good as fuck if he wants to be but he only did that when he wanted out of his Buffalo contract and was showing off for other teams to see his skill. As soon as he was safe in another club, he dicked off. Ask Islander fans how much they like him. Ask anyone, ANYONE in Buffalo.

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penguins ftw!

i'm hoping they can go one better this season. i hope the all the injuries in the defense doesn't have too big of an impact on their finals chances. hopefully the attack can make up for the weaker defense.

i'm hoping to go to a game when i'm in the states sometime between march - may next year.

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talbot looks odd w/o a beard now.

also, love TK. left work early to see the game today. to many penalties and new nhl bullshit with the over the glass penalties and that bullshit get godard off the ice before he has a fight call. pens seem to be much tougher this year with bisonette in the line up and i'm so glad he made the team.

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pens power play looks pathetic. oh well. it's still early in the season. if we can tred water til whitney is back in dec, then really pick it up around jan/early feb we should make the playoff and be playing the best hockey of the year, which is always a good thing going into the playoffs.

love biz nasty out there. needs to play more. and neil is a fucking pussy.

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oh and the rangers should play all their games in prague. two wins to start the season!

Blue shirts need some second line scoring though. They may make the playoffs with a single line but they won't make much noise. Well they won't unless they get amazing goaltending (possible) and they play perfect d (also possible).

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