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- Don't feel like going out again tonight. I've been really anti-social lately.

+ Going to buy some MS points so I can buy Shadow Complex tomorrow, the demo was fucking awesome.

+ Payday soon.

+ Happy that I'm further along in school then I thought, only about 2-3 semesters left. I also dropped down to 2 classes which should be good for me to get back into it.

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+ had a great date with the girl I mentioned above last night, drinks and approving friends and cuddling and walks in the rain and making out and just all sorts of awesome.

- she is going to Brussels/Croatia for two weeks

+ said she'd call when she gets back

+ is the first girl in a while who is making me wait for sex, and I like that. Shows character and gives me something to work for and look forward to

+ oh, and she's damn near perfect..

(I would like to apologize for this, fellow board members, but it needs to be done...)

+ I'm done with you Hope. I'm done with your crazy stalker ways. I'm done with your mood swings, I'm done with you trying to take over my life with your shit. I'm not sorry I moved away, and I'm not sorry I found someone that is far and away an all around better person than you and actually has their shit together. So keep stalking me here, and keep hearing about how AWESOME she is. I can't help it that I found someone who I do want to be with. So goodbye, and 1. She is better than you, 2. And you aren't like Meg. Meg at least had her shit together and wasn't sucking on the teat of friends who are sucessful.

And now to resume normal posting:

+Fantasy Football draft today...

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- I've been really depressed all day, and I'm not sure why.

- I have not bought any records in a long time, and I've been browsing for some new stuff but so far nothing catches my fancy.

+ Fatal Frame is fucking freaky. It's really slow moving, but it keeps you on edge at all times.

+ Picking up a DAC/Headphone amp for my music listening.

+ Payday tomorrow.

+/- Hopefully the ativan the doctor gave me will keep me from panic attacks in class tomorrow.

- I've been smoking again, since it helps ease the anxiety... unless I smoke too much then it makes it worse.

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-moving day

-the end of Fort Fuck Awesome

+moved everything to my friends house last night in one car load a block away from the st i knew i was moving to. except i didnt know the number.

++++++found out a little while ago the place im moving is actually next door to where my stuff is stored. such an easy move.

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- Got called in to close last night...got home from work @ 5a.m.

- Had to be at work at 10:30a.m. today...

+ Let me come home early thankfully

- Went to attempt to find out where my Mars Volta LPs are as the tracking # from USPS said they "Attempted" delivery on 8-22-09 and they "Left a Notice"...which I didn't receive...Package isn't there...nor here...nor is a note...so my LPs are (insert place here)???


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^ Come on, we all know just because some people abuse their medications, that means all people must abuse their medications as well. I could really use some health care reform too.

+My job was able to sort of fix my fucked up paycheck and now I can pay my rent on time

- WHAT THE FUCK ART INSTITUTE OF PHILADELPHIA? I just found out I've been getting charged for student housing for the past year and a half-ish and I haven't lived in student housing for the past year and a half-ish. I'm sure they're going to say it's my fault, say I didn't properly "check out" of the dorms (what likely happened is one of the fuckwit RA's didn't file my paperwork properly if at all) and stick me.

- Other stupid shit I'm not getting into but it's generally adding to my generally bad mood.

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