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[PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather – 10 Year Remaster

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After one listen, I'd say the new song is pretty fantastic.  It really sounds like they've dialed things in and stepped up their game since Roads To Judah.  June can't get here soon enough.


They were pretty much a washed out wall of noise when I saw them.


At least George put on a killer show with that mic stand.

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if anybody is really digging this new track btw, you should check out Woods Of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason, if you haven't already.

very similar sound throughout the album. Full on BM with hints of post rock, shoegaze, and an almost major key, uplifting feel.

I did check these guys out. Good stuff, thanks for the heads up!

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Gotta love the album art. It definitely will stand out at record stores amongst other metal etc records. Shall there be some merch to follow the color scheme too? Hopefully. As for the music, I'm gonna skip out on listening to any album versions, watching the making of or even reading what the band had to say about the songs until I can enjoy the whole record at one go.

I did see these guys live twice just couple days ago and they had Dream House and Sunbather on the set. Took okayish video of the latter which for me stood out more out of the two at both of the gigs. For those that are curios (warning, the filming gets all over the place for quite some time quite early on, so it can be annoying to actually watch) here's the ~11min clip:

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My thoughts on the new song:




Just getting into this band but damn, I'll most likely be preordering this.


Edit: Oh snap, these are the dudes that did those awesome Mogwai covers last year. Fuck yeah, picking up that 12". Their cover of Cody actually stands up against the original. So damn good.

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