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[PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather – 10 Year Remaster

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1. "Dream House"
2. "Irresistible"
3. "Sunbather"
4. "Please Remember"
5. "Vertigo"
6. "Windows"
7. "The Pecan Tree"

With the reveal of the album art and track listing, today, I'd say that we're on the brink of seeing some pre-orders drop. Is anyone else stoked on this release? Roads To Judah is still a record that I spin very regularly, and my expectations are pretty high for the new album. I know they were signed to Sargent House, so I'm not entirely sure if SH will be handling the pre-orders, or if Deathwish will have their hand in it, as well. I wouldn't be opposed to multiple variant options spread across a few distros.

A translucent pink with an orange haze would be ace.

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If Deathwish ends up handling it, I think this may be one of those releases where I go balls out on all variants.    And if Sargent House ends up doing their inevitable bundle PO, I think I'd legitimately wear a shirt the color of that album art.  Either way.  My wallet and body are ready.


The release is being done by Deathwish. That's who their signed to. Sargent House only handle the pressing & release of the demo 12". 

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Gotcha'.  I think Sargent puts out some incredible releases, to be sure, but Deathwish feels like the natural home for Deafheaven.

I haven't checked them out yet, but there's apparently some new material from the band on Youtube, from some recent shows.  Reception seems to be pretty positive.  I think I'll personally be holding off on all singles, videos, and leaks until the album itself drops.

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i doubt sargent house was "not involved at all" with this album just because they aren't handling the vinyl. if you follow sargent house on any social network, it seems like they do a hell of a lot more for deafheaven than you guys think they do. then again, i'm just basing this on what i've read ever since they've worked together.


i'm not discrediting deathwish by any means. i just think both labels play a big role in allowing this band to record music, tour, etc.

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  • Derek™ changed the title to [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather – 10 Year Remaster

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