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New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

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1 minute ago, lethalenforcer said:

Still available for me. They said that people ordering would get the color version unless they request black. $19ppd in the US but yeah those Intl rates sound insane.

Yeah. Id like to buy one. However if I order, with Canada's low dollar it with honestly be a 65 dollar single LP. :(

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5 minutes ago, spoon said:

Where is the info re: coloured vinyl? Was there a separate option before? 


Erin from Midheaven Mailorder here. I'm writing you because you've ordered Oh Sees/OCS/Thee Oh Sees (oh my!) ephemera from us in the past. As it happens, I have some information that may be pertinent to your interests!

The denizens of Castle Face are not afraid to get their shins dirty mucking around in the stacks and they’re well aware of an out-of-press gap of Oh Sees releases right before 2006 when they started the label with Sucks Blood. They’re rectifying that and first among these is their out-of-print 2006 psych-skewed pop album The Cool Death of Island Raiders, a particularly dusty gem that merits another look.

Preorders start shipping March 18. We have the album available on CD and the ever-present vinyl – regular black vinyl, transparent gold-colored vinyl (in limited quantities) if that’s your deal. By default, mailorder customers get colored vinyl. If you would like black vinyl, please make note of it on your order!


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On 2/15/2019 at 6:31 PM, spoon said:

Awesome! Thanks for the info. 


Pirate Press currently shows 2 variants in production (blue and bone/beer). I wonder if this fits the bill of the latter or if it’s a retail variant.

Going by the details on there with the Cool Death LPs shipping on 5th March (3 1/2 weeks before street date) we might be looking at end of April for the Foggy Notion reissue (CF-108) 

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