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  1. I used to be part of the "let people listen to whatever they want and don't pop into threads just to shit on people's musical taste", but this is really shitty music and I thought only 15 year olds dug this stuff. What makes this even worse is that people have to actively seek it out. It's not like it's a pop star being shoved in your face 24/7.
  2. I've only been here for a little over four years. I can't tell if it has gotten a lot shittier, or if I'm just not an annoying 19 year old anymore. Probably both.
  3. new song is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. i'm really dumb and i just spent $54 on the /200
  5. $54 to Canada. I only order like 3-4 records a year directly from labels now because of the shit dollar and consistently rising vinyl prices. This was going to be one of the few I ordered, but that's a little much.
  6. Same. It's on Spotify.
  7. I'm hesitant to be too critical after only 3~ listens, but this seems like a massive downgrade from Negative Qualities. Bolt Cutters sounds like a mediocre version of Money. It's not bad, but Money is such a great song. The whole album just kind of seems like a mediocre Negative me at least. Also I thought People Are Pets was pretty annoying. Did not like that song's melody at all.
  8. $30 CAD. That's $22 USD. Not sure if they ship to the States though.
  9. Looks like Nicole deleted her Facebook. A day or two ago she posted about how a group (assuming TWIABP) of people have been using their social capital for a year to ruin their life or something along those lines. It got pretty dark and she said something along the lines of them not being happy until she is dead, and not being able to go out in public. Hope she is okay.
  10. I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Someone said the passing member's family is getting a cut of it. Hopefully that is accurate.
  11. This is how ETR functions. For every release, even the Nickelodeon ones, there is a large enough contingent who justify it because it has sentimental value to them. But then they reiterate that they will not buy anything else from them. This was an exception. Enough exceptions create a profitable business. Well, and the fact that I'm sure there are hundreds of people buying a lot of these releases who have no idea what Ross is about. Also, I'm not shaming you. Just pointing out that a lot of people here end up having an exception or two when it comes to ETR releases. For every release, there's a few people on here who have to have it, because of how much the record means to them.
  12. edge lord stl_ben checking in with his daily dose of premeditated dissent
  13. I have Something Corporate's Leaving Through the Window. I can sell it for so much it is actually hilarious. I have North too, but I think that only goes for like $50.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks the funniest thing about this label is his sense of design? Look at that font. LOOK AT THE FONT. Also, "$23.99 Each". Sorry, is this an informercial? Will I get a discount if I order in the next 5 minutes? No, I won't. But I will if I go to Hot Topic in 6 months.