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  1. I're bumping it too, as a result of a *shitpost*.
  2. the newest thread here is 8 years old
  3. His reply showed up in my junk folder. No idea why. I never even look there, I just misclicked and noticed a response...and I was about to file a claim. So that worked out.
  4. Nicole just posted this, with the heading "re: call out culture, abuse, trans issues, people being terrible, etc" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Did you email him? It worked for me, unless he's lying about sending it out a second time.
  6. From Warren: Hey John, It’s on it’s way, we’ve had some issues with some tapes being returned to us or just straight up lost in the mail (your showed up back here a couple days ago and I’m still trying to figure out why) but I’ve dispatched a new package and it should be reaching you soon. Thanks so much for your support and patience, Warren
  7. pls don't sell the gig life tour lathe i sold you
  8. Beach Music is absolutely amazing. One of my favourite albums ever. Listen to it.
  9. It's growing on me. Judge is amazing
  10. Grabbed the black from my local store. They're pretty good with getting variants of they're available for retail, so you might be stuck with black.
  11. well, this is either going to be my least favourite alex g release, or a massive grower. i'm hoping, and thinking the latter. horse though................. also not a fan of how brick leads into sportstar
  12. Of course brick comes next...
  13. Stoned listening to Horse wtf is this