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  1. I haven't kept up with the site as much in the past 1-2 years. Is there a lot more people posting here now? I'm guessing it has grown quite a bit.
  2. why not use your iphone
  3. I feel for Fog Lake. They went on a breakout tour across Europe with Foxing (!!!), and obviously had no music to sell. But yeah, this board has been giving Warren free passes for years now. There must be something in the tea.
  4. Question for smart people. My Instagram account got hacked in February, so I went through the process to get it back, and it was recovered. I added two-factor authentication to it, so I thought i was in the clear. I wake up this morning, and it is hacked AGAIN. I never received a text for two factor authentication. Now I'm worried they have info to other accounts of mine. How do you bypass two factor authentication????? Fuck this. AND my emails aren't going through to the instagram support so I haven't even been able to start the recovery process, it just says Action failed, too many hops when I respond to the support email. UGGGHHHH.
  5. We can only hope.
  6. Yeah, growing up in Edmonton I have had the pleasure (??? They're usually douchebags) of knowing a lot of NHLers. Mark Pysyk's dad was my principal and I used to play guitar hero with him during breaks in junior high (LOL). Also knew Duncan Siemens pretty well though he's a bust and douche. Joe Morrow, Brendan Gallagher, went to school and was pretty well aquainted with Sam Steele's brother, who sadly passed away a few years ago, so it's really cool seeing Sam light it up. My best friend throughout my childhood was drafted by Chicago and is the goalie for Ohio State, so it would be cool to see him make it. But yeah, chances are if you grew up in Canada you know a lot of NHLers. Also can't wait to kick San Jose's ass in the first round. I'll be at the first Oilers playoff game in a decade. I AM SO EXCITED.
  8. Ya, a coffee roaster as deer mentioned. They've done roasts for Modern Baseball, You Blew It!, and I think maybe The Menzingers? I think you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen me spam coffee shit in my feed for the past few years, haha.
  9. This is like the fourth band Reanimator has done a *special* blend for. Pretty cool for them.
  10. The last LP bored the shit out of me but I always have time for Tigers Jaw.
  11. for coffee, press is good. had a decent pour over there, but they have a really good nitro cold brew.
  12. possibly the greatest phrase to ever come from a preorder: Only 500 white sparkle LPs made for the world. also what the fuck is udiscovermusicus aaaaaannnndddd holy shit they're selling the red one for $50 sorry im too high and this is hilarious
  13. This was a nice surprise. Reindeer Games and The Walk are great songs. Also, the album art looks like it's ripped straight from a Wes Anderson film, which is cool.
  14. Probably just the red and standard black. I think that's what they did for Beach Music.