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  1. Operators is gone. and of course nobody bothered to thank you for it
  2. I was disappointed that Vs wasn't the Deluxe version matador put out years ago or I would have pulled the trigger on that regardless of it being $35.99
  3. Helium Represses are up. Not Magic City though for whatever reason
  4. It's $60+ dollars for 3 songs. thats what I'm saying to ease my grief
  5. Even though they were /23 probably weren't selling all 23 copies
  6. Lurker took it
  7. I still can't decide which one to get. altered Beast sounds the least exciting but is selling the best so maybe I don't know something. floating Fire seems like a safe bet to be cool. I agree vomit coffin easily sounds the coolest but with multiple "Vomit" variations in different presses will it make it seem less unique?
  8. I'm still pondering a Flightless variant and what you just said would be my deciding factor.
  9. Or if they will only be on the AUS versions or on all versions.
  10. Since there's nothing in the flightless pressings that you don't as well in the ATO and it's cheaper and more limited, I think I'll go with the clear with smoke version. Might be the first time I passed on a Flightless version.
  11. Don't think I can justify this one since I own the Anniversary. Now if this was the Anniverary edition...
  12. Hadn't heard of this artists until Friday. After 24 hours of listening to her stuff, I bought the Early Bird. Great stuff
  13. Pretty much my motto in life
  14. I just can't pull the trigger on either of the deluxe versions. Sound awesome but can't justify bank. Hopefully an indie store version gets released.