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  1. I was hoping for a glow in the dark splatter tape with haze
  2. My cassette looks the same only there's black instead of green. Meh. :/
  3. The LP isn't signed. An art print is. Banquet records still has one left. https://www.banquetrecords.com/slowdive/slowdive/DOC132CD
  4. That's true. For a couple of releases they have thrown in some extras. But I really want those Japanese Breakfast extras this month but I don't want to pay $42 more to get them.
  5. They've never really released the actual pressing numbers. By they did state a while back at the start of the club that the secret society pressing would be their most limited pressings. Im guessing that they are not selling enough memberships to sell out of a lot of them so far. i don't know why. This is actually a pretty solid club. $20 per LP ppd. I do wish they'd let society members choose to buy the bells and whistles that are available with their deluxe packages. That's my one complaint
  6. Has anybody received their National, Nick Cave, or Perfume Genius yet?
  7. No and we might not ever get notification. My last order isn't showed up with no notification
  8. Somebody grabbed Car Seat Headrest. Thanks anyway!
  9. It's also the July Secretly Society release. On turquoise vinyl
  10. I received my white copy in the mail the other day. Sounds great! This album really surpassed my expectations
  11. Will they ever release "Follow Me Around"?!?!?!?
  12. Damn. Gone
  13. Operators is gone. and of course nobody bothered to thank you for it
  14. Me too. Or at least I hope I did
  15. I was disappointed that Vs wasn't the Deluxe version matador put out years ago or I would have pulled the trigger on that regardless of it being $35.99