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  1. I received my Flightless copy yesterday and my ATO today. Somehow my Flightless jacket was impeccable but my ATO had spine splits. I wonder if they are good about replacing jackets?
  2. Thanks! Okay cool
  3. Only reason I ask is Flightless files were 46 kbps but I have an ATO on the way as well.
  4. What bit rate is this download out of curiosity?
  5. Gone. And as per usual no thanks from anyone
  6. I haven't heard it but how many instrumentals are on the album? I'm hoping a lot
  7. I live for instrumental versions of songs. I never even listen to the versions with words. I wish the instrumental version was just on both sides.
  8. That vomit coffin looks the coolest to me because it really does look like vomit. But I'm glad I got the Altered Beast since it matches the album cover the best
  9. I mean they can be cool. If I see an LP and a signed LP for the same price I'll get the signed LP. But yeah won't go out of my way for one. Cool that you got Strummers signature
  10. Yeah but signatures >>>> all. Actually don't care about them at all
  11. Got my Amoeba clear variant today. Looks great. The sticker on the front says only /250 clear in the US. Not exactly an exclusive but explains it somewhat. Europe and the UK appears to have the other copies. Have no clue how many were pressed for Europe though. /500? /250?
  12. I've read /600 on the red. Don't know on the clear
  13. Thanks. I went with this instead of Bullmoose. Hopefully I'll get one
  14. Got the Blue from a Bullmoose. cant pull the trigger on the orange single for $17 with an album track and it's instrumental
  15. Never grabbed the RSD release so I'm in for this.