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  1. My Gordi LP had no QOTSA songs on it. Kind of bummed
  2. Received the water split version today. Looks great! Matches the cover even better than the photos. A gatefold would have been nice for this release. Difficult to put both LPs in the cover.
  3. THe only variant im aware of is the Flightless white. And they may not do another variant
  4. So instead of "strictly limited to one per customer" it was "strictly limited to the amount you purchase." Well at least that explains a lot.
  5. So you didn't contribute to the white supremacy of this album's sales?
  6. Well the good news is that more of (Thee) Oh Sees copies are going up in the future. Flightless may be content to let this LP stay a flippers paradise. I thought they had learned something from the last 4 releases
  7. I know Gizz fans are crazy but I can't imagine 1000 single orders happening in 20 minutes. Unless all 1000 werent being sold on their website
  8. Hopefully this is where Flightless puts up another first pressing version that's a hell of a lot more interesting than white vinyl
  9. Hahaha.
  10. There's no proof that any of these are more limited than the others. Bloom sold out in US first probably due to the allotment compared to the others. I believe Water sold out in the U.K. first probably for the same reason. they'll be putting more of these up later. But I'd just go with the one that looks coolest to you.
  11. It's going to be nearly impossible to be able to tell the pressing numbers of each. As stated above, some are getting released now and done later. And all across 3 stores. Who knows how many were allotted to each and who knows if later the releases will be in different quantities. i grabbed the water variant because it matched the cover the best IMO