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  1. Wow this whole time I thought the deluxe came with both volumes. What a joke.
  2. Hm... Amazon UK looks to still have the deluxe up for pre-order and have yet to cancel my order. I'm wondering if this means that there's just no deluxe retail for the US. Here's hoping since I too canceled my Gorillaz store order when amazon put it up for half the price.
  3. Has anyone been able to cancel their deluxe order through the Gorillaz store? Sent a request yesterday and have yet to hear anything back.
  4. Does anybody know if the retail variant is also "pop-up", or is that exclusive to the store?
  5. US Pre-order is up!
  6. Where are you finding 2 more tracks? I've only heard Die Young
  7. How has this thread not been locked yet? Can we at least just rename this the TUG Shitstorm?
  8. New AFI album just announced and based off the two tracks they released it seems very promising.
  9. Just noticed looks like the retail variant is already up on Think Geek. Definitely prefer the gatefold of the NYCC version but still happy with this.
  10. I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the entire movie, but the trailer for it has to be one of my favorites to come out this year.