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  1. Looks like they're running out of color ideas for Leviathan hahah
  2. Wondering if this has shipped. Pretty quiet release but I'm excited
  3. Here's my million dollar idea: use that same laser cutter idea, but instead of grooves, cut 1s and 0s into a disc. Then, using a laser to read it, you can have such precise playback, it sounds the exact same every time! tbh optimizing cutting isn't a bad idea at all, but it certainly seems like this is gonna end up being another "HD" marketing scam
  4. OU818

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    New song is pretty fun. As for the old vs new debate, they've always seemed pretty consistent in tone to me. I think the biggest difference between Opus and the following records is that they got nearly a million dollar advance before Infestissumam. Super high profile major label signing = amp up the theatrics and "poppier" songs, makes sense to me. Wish the tour was coming my way
  5. he said on twitter that a US preorder is coming so I'm waiting for that
  6. Oh man I've been waiting for this for months! Awesome. Tempted to grab the black too...... hmm..... and the CD.... hmmm.... damn it
  7. You know what, I'll look at this when I get off work. I got this from VMP last year but haven't spent much time with it. Never spun it with my good headphones but on my stereo it sounded fine. Now I'm curious.
  8. Maybe he took a really big shit
  9. KIII: Remember Who You Are, but it's less that it sounds like it and more that it was produced in the same style. Lyrics aside, it was a strong and mature return to form for them as an aging metal band. A year later, on the brink of aging gracefully, they decided to make Path of Totality, or as it was referred to at the time, "Korn IV: Forgetting Who You Are"
  10. not many things in history will end up as dated as this record so I'm probably buying it
  11. I hear this song on the radio at work and it makes me smile In a bad way
  12. fair enough! I'll have to hire a detective to do the dirty work. Just kidding I'll forget about this until one day in April a record shows up and I think to myself, "damn what did I drunk buy this time?"
  13. I guess the real tell will be if they ship at the same time right? If variants 1 and 2 show up at people's doors on the same day, they were clearly keeping them as a surprise in the closet. If there's a delay, it would appear to be an honest attempt at matching demand. There's no way they complete a "second pressing" in 2 months. Got the first variant though and I think the colors work better anyways. For that price it's hard to complain
  14. OU818

    Record Store Day 2018

    The Feistodon 7 inch is the only thing I've ever kept from any RSD. Every single thing I've ever felt bad about missing out on has either been mass repressed later or isn't expensive. Besides Government Plates I guess
  15. Real: Panopticon, Youth Code, Khorada, Ghost Iffy: Death Grips, Baroness Tool: Tool, System of a Down