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  1. Bucketh{r}ead

    sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it. the setlist is my biggest issue, but ive also only ever seen him play with the ipod. i'd love if he could bring brewer and brain over to the east coast at some point.
  2. Bucketh{r}ead

    elephant man limited edition arrived today. the cassette is pretty heavy, just 2 minutes of bucket ripping on the guitar.
  3. Bucketh{r}ead

    really? thats wicked. deli creeps seems to be the black sheep of buckethead projects but ive always enjoyed them. whats the new group called?
  4. Bucketh{r}ead

    awesome, enjoy the show man! word is he played 3 encores the other night. heard some talk about the first 10 or so pikes being sold on CD, no shirts or vinyl.
  5. Bucketh{r}ead

    schweeeet i wonder if the tour will delay any signed editions or if he has a stack of pre-signed jackets
  6. Bucketh{r}ead

    we should see some of these start to ship in the next few weeks. apparently EMAC limited editions are shipping next week.
  7. /300 yellow wax on newbury https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/czarface_mf_doom-czarface_meets_metal_face_exclusive_lp?variant=1974037282828
  8. Bucketh{r}ead

    thats a photo from someone on reddit that got it and wasn't too pleased. i doubt ION has any idea they look like that.
  9. Bucketh{r}ead

    apparently this is what the Population override red wax looks like https://imgur.com/a/h0xUQ
  10. Bucketh{r}ead

    just the lighting on the lettering. drawing edition is super cool, cant wait to see what he does for the other releases!
  11. Bucketh{r}ead