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  1. Available as Limited Edition, Signed, or Standard Edition Limited Edition Includes: -Signed and Numbered Album Cover -Exclusive signed 8x10 photo -Signed 11x17 poster -Signed guitar pick -Exclusive sticker Signed Edition Includes: -Signed and Numbered Album Cover "Mecha Gigan" and "Slunk Parade AKA Freaks in the Back" will be excluded. Shipping Begins August 1st
  2. directly from ION, sent me an email this morning
  3. rumor has it Bucketheadland 2 will be available on wax sometime in the summer
  4. will be available via hundebiss at some point soon limited to 1000 copies
  5. the multitracks are unmastered and unmixed, you can't really just throw them into audacity and mix and render...
  6. pst... if anyone wants to share the new downward spiral remaster hit me up
  7. the fragile is corrupted but all the files are fine, worked for me with winrar
  8. anyone still waiting for these 2017 remastered downloads shoot these fuckers a tweet and they'll get it to you quick as shit
  9. apparently there was an issue with the Deviations files (...remind you of something?) so they've been delayed a day. I still haven't gotten a DL for any of the remasters.
  10. still 4000+ left of the fragile diviations and the physical object, surprising. figured these would be long gone by now.