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  1. Buckethead Thread

    Real diamond and slaughterhouse on the prairie are both shipping next week
  2. Buckethead Thread

    yeah shadows shipped mid september
  3. Buckethead Thread

    just got a tracking number i think for A real diamond
  4. Buckethead Thread

    it sounded like it was more of a scary thing than a life threatening thing. he definitely broke character and went into detail about this heart problem, his parents dying, his back problems and general fear of communicating. really worth the listen.
  5. Buckethead Thread

    total click bait, check out the full interview
  6. PO Now: Denzel Curry - 13

    they told me the gifts are getting sent separately
  7. Buckethead Thread

    hes been on tour so i figure any new releases might come afterwards, possibly early 2018. really hoping for Pepper's Ghost
  8. Buckethead Thread

    Hi, We are waiting to hear back from the pressing plant as to when we can expect Real Diamond in the Rough. It is still in production from what we understand. We apologize for the delay. Thanks for your patience, Buckethead Pikes Service
  9. Buckethead Thread

    yeah i got 2 tracking numbers last night
  10. Buckethead Thread

    all the pikes are on sale for $2, as well as the full digital pike discography which is 60% off
  11. Buckethead Thread

    Poseidon vinyl edition just went up http://bucketheadpikes.com/Poseidon_vinyl.html
  12. back in stock https://oesbee.bandcamp.com/album/floral-shoppe
  13. Buckethead Thread

    more pikes http://www.bucketheadpikes.com/RTR_vinyl.html "Roller Coaster Track Repair" Vinyl Edition Preorder Available as Limited Edition, Signed Drawing Edition, Signed Edition, and Standard Edition Limited Edition Includes: -Signed and numbered album cover -VHS 5 minute solo slab (made to order) -Personalized sticker -Signed 11x17 poster Signed Drawing Edition will include a drawing and a signature on a numbered blank white vinyl jacket.
  14. Buckethead Thread

    shadows is way behind schedule, but it sounds like they're expecting them to arrive any day now and they will begin shipping immediately