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  1. Cool - I can't guarantee it, but I do know that it was sitting there for a few weeks, so it might still be there.
  2. My store had a copy of Balance & Composure left earlier this week. I can grab it if it's there this weekend for you if you want.
  3. 6 more copies of The Smiths up:
  4. If anyone is still looking for the 'shower drain' variant of the Bates Motel soundtrack, Amoeba has one up: These have sold for upwards of $100 on eBay. Promo code: CLIPPERS will save you 10%
  5. One up on TTL:
  6. Literally no chance at the Jay Shaw 'Get Out' print - lol. Was gone so fast.
  7. I'm all about that Jay Shaw version.
  8. I had a feeling the bundle would be that much considering everything that's in it. I might just get the purple splatter and call it a day. Still hate that cover art though.
  9. Yeah, that's strange. It was gone, but now they put it back up? (Still with the 'only until May 19th' tagline too).
  10. That's true. Honestly, for a preorder that doesn't ship until September at the earliest - I think you should be able to cancel if you want.
  11. You may have just swayed me. I hate early morning regrets.
  12. Stuck on the fence about the Alien boxset. Guess I have less than 24 hours to decide. Decisions, decisions.
  13. I never saw anything saying that this one wasn't limited in some way. That's why I gave a heads up when I saw they were dwindling down. If they don't put more up, I might be willing to sell mine at cost.
  14. Hmmmm. Did they put up somewhere that they definitely weren't limited in any way? I know the green was 500, but I figured these would be somewhat limited, but maybe not.
  15. There are 24 of the orange/white Fifth Element's left if anyone is on the fence.