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  1. I'm still waiting on my damn Alien Tiki Mugs too :-/
  2. Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    I actually like this first single more than I would. In for the red vinyl. If the red is limited to this store, then it looks to be out of 2500 (about 2200 left).
  3. Apparently 18 tracks on it - the list is below. No Cure though :-/ Every 27 Years*+ Paper Boat*+ Georgie, Meet Pennywise*+ Derry*+ River Chase*+ Beverly*+ 29 Neibolt Street*+ Time To Float*+ Return to Neibolt*+ Into The Well*+ Pennywise's Tower*+ Georgie Found*+ Transformation*+ Feed On Your Fear*+ Welcome To The Losers Club*+ Yellow Raincoat*+ Blood Oath*+ Kiss*+
  4. Didn't know if it warranted a new thread, but MOV 'purple vinyl' for La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 is up on BM for a good price. Limited to 2000 and numbered: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25815210
  5. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    I might be able to help someone out if I can get down there Friday. Definitely could Saturday, but they'll be sold out I'm sure by then.
  6. I stand corrected about the LA screening. But I stand by my 'Dick' comment because your response was still snide considering you didn't even know at that time that I was in LA.
  7. I was speaking for myself - Kind of hard for me to go to an event in London when I'm in LA. But yes, I'm quite aware that going to the actual event, if I could, would be a way for me to attempt to get the record. Dick.
  8. I don't usually like 7" boxsets, but I'm all about that one if it's going to look like how I'm thinking it will. I want the 'screening edition', but that will be next to impossible to get (other than inflated eBay prices of course).
  9. Love it. Interested in seeing the vinyl colors now.
  10. I'm really tempted to get that numbered boxset. It helps that they don't charge until November too.
  11. Waxwork Records Thread

    I was re-watching the movie this weekend and it does have some great moments in the soundtrack/score.
  12. Waxwork Records Thread

    I'm guessing the other release might be whatever they have planned for an IT soundtrack (since the movie comes out next week) that was teased a few weeks back. Could be the music from the original 1990 movie though considering another company is putting out the new soundtrack on vinyl. We'll see.
  13. Waxwork Records Thread

    Yesssssss. Had to sell my other WW copy. And I'm digging that variant.
  14. There's a picture disc coming too. Saw a pic of it, but can't find it now :-/ I'm digging the cover art on that. Hoping it's the same on the FYE exclusive.
  15. Yeah - none of the coupons work on Preorders. The tax and shipping sucked, but I'm all aboard the IT hype train lately.