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  1. No worries - thanks for trying!
  2. Yes please. PM me if you get the go ahead to do it.
  3. Only glaring difference with those is that they are hand-numbered, and to my knowledge the Gorillaz boxset isn't (aside from the autographed ones being signed of course) which does make a difference as far as the collector's value.
  4. Aside from the signed versions, this will not be as 'super limited' as they originally said.
  5. I still don't understand what happened with this. I never was able to place an order for just the 7" (and Numero never got back to me) and wasn't going to just by something else to get it, so I'll grab the RSD version.
  6. Nevermind. Apologies. There was something on the board about 250 of the Deluxe version being left and mistook that for the box set.
  7. Do we know for sure how many of the box set there are? Thought I saw something about 250 total, but is that confirmed anywhere?
  8. That is definitely the way I'm viewing it - haha
  9. I was able to just get a box set using Safari. Not sure if that makes a difference. Did I really just spend that much on this thing? :-/
  10. Yeah - I noticed that too when I put a random 7" into my cart. Gonna wait as well. I shot them an email to see what was up.
  11. Tempted on the signed bundle. About $70 shipped to the US.
  12. In addition to this, I love seeing all of the RSD releases already up on eBay and people paying 4X the price for releases they will probably be able to get online at cost if they would just wait.
  13. Same thing is happening to me. Has to be a glitch in their system, but don't know how to get around it. Hopefully they fix it. Also, on the Numero page it says this release is: Limited to 2000 copies on Zombie Blood, Zombie Puss, or Zombie Black colored vinyl.
  14. If this is the pink marble, it comes out to $30 shipped and they don't charge until it ships, so I'm going to take a chance! Thanks for the link!
  15. I realize that. But I was more so talking about the exact date it's going up (tomorrow) and the pressing number which wasn't listed anywhere that I could see.