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  1. Corin Tucker/Peter Buck super mega #1 combo group https://killrockstars.merchtable.com/mobile/pre-orders
  2. Hell yes Missy Elliot
  3. Personally, I like Tim but Sorry Ma is also great
  4. Whoa sweet. Whoa sweet.
  5. Excellent now there's still room for more shitty soundtracks to get a repress
  6. Dopesmoker variant collectors are pissed
  7. I have 2 of these showing up in my subscription queue. One for each color maybe?
  8. Isn't that all of us on this board too?
  9. I melted my buttercream copy and put it on my popcorn and it tasted like shit I'm going to ask for a replacement
  10. Copper Blue 25th Anniversary 3XLP! Whaaat. I'm hoping this is 45 RPM and not just another reissue with more stuff attatched.
  11. The Corin Tucker / Peter Buck mega super combo #1 group FILTHY FRIENDS will have a RSD 7".
  12. I started with Waxworks. It took a few years to be honest but there was enough to keep me coming back to it every now and then. Now, I write about them on internet message boards. Be careful.