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  1. Personally, I like Tim but Sorry Ma is also great
  2. Whoa sweet. Whoa sweet.
  3. Excellent now there's still room for more shitty soundtracks to get a repress
  4. Dopesmoker variant collectors are pissed
  5. I have 2 of these showing up in my subscription queue. One for each color maybe?
  6. Isn't that all of us on this board too?
  7. I melted my buttercream copy and put it on my popcorn and it tasted like shit I'm going to ask for a replacement
  8. Copper Blue 25th Anniversary 3XLP! Whaaat. I'm hoping this is 45 RPM and not just another reissue with more stuff attatched.
  9. The Corin Tucker / Peter Buck mega super combo #1 group FILTHY FRIENDS will have a RSD 7".
  10. I started with Waxworks. It took a few years to be honest but there was enough to keep me coming back to it every now and then. Now, I write about them on internet message boards. Be careful.
  11. Come XTC geeks. This thread is a safe spot.
  12. I like the free shipping and no taxes.
  13. Drums and Wires is so good. "Reel by Reel" and "Outside World" are jams. But the whole thing is great. And yeah the Skylarking sessions weren't exactly fun times but in the end they all agree that Todd actually did a real good job. The liner notes in the box set talk about that and have some good stories. Andy's book goes even further. Great read.