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  1. I am just curious. is there anyone on here that's trying to buy one of everything? or one from each label or anything like that? I am so curious..
  2. also.. who's bored.. https://www.discogs.com/master/view/1268453
  3. honestly I wouldn't worry about the other releases.. I bet th "Official VC pressing" and the Fuzz Club / 100 will be the best ones out there!!
  4. yeah I love Fuzz. their sleeves and vinyl always come out sooo nice.
  5. side note.. the great psych label Fuzz Club is doing one too.. https://fuzzclub.com/products/pre-order-king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland they really do some nice deluxe lps.. check it.
  6. I'd be down too. I would also sell a few at my shop. ..
  7. gone

    yeah me too. the sad thing is that someone told me a WEEk after this happened if I ever needed anything in london they would get it for me. i was gutted.
  8. gone

  9. gone

    Sigur Ros, Atoms for Peace were the other two in that series from Spitalfields.
  10. gone

    yeah it's the only one I have left. I have the SR, AFP and just missing that one.. it's killing me.
  11. PO : Life Of Agony - Ugly

    where would one buy this? if let's say, they wanted to.

    I DM'ed you

    not working.

    did I miss the coupon code?
  15. I did. they're pretty cool./ I actually almost chucked them cause they were in the tote and not in the LP. whew.
  16. I am opening up a brick and mortar store in NYC that will be specializing in collectable, rare and out of print indie / punk / emo / etc.. we're not opening for two months but I am currently looking for collections or valuable rare independent records. the store will be different from other stores in the fact that everything we will carry will be out of print. we will carry test pressings, one of kind items, along with some inexpensive out of print records .. please contact here . thanks. Kristian also for all those who care. we have an instagram set [email protected]
  17. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

  18. thanks a ton. literally some dude came in last night and bought both of them . thanks a ton . I haven't seen VGS in years. was Frank the singer?
  19. bump. still looking for fun collections, items and cool stuff for the shop. if you want to check out the sort of stuff we carry, here's our Instagram @limitedtoonenyc .
  20. FS-Smashing pumpkins-Siamese Dream (Orange)

    did you sell this?
  21. Looking for someone who lives in Tokyo or Kyoto or Osaka to help with something. hit me up. thanks