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  1. got a question. I picked up the Goo Goo dolls box set. brought it home and realized it was signed. does anyone know anything about this? how many were signed?
  2. Is this disbelief or Interest?
  3. just sold a few big items and have some extra cash. would be willing to pay 150 + for this cassette. please PM asap.
  4. Yep. Or trade for something fun.
  5. money money money....
  6. Just Sucks. I really wanted one. Damn
  7. How is the test sold out already?
  8. Sorry to revive a dead thread but any word about this year's releases? Is it happening. PS I'm pregnant. Af
  9. just in case anyone in Canada is looking for the Dirty Nil lp. it's up on Dine Alone. looks like two colors both /500 and only available to CA residents. so I am guessing that the Fat version might go up soon (maybe today?)
  10. so out of sheer boredom .. I have decided to go to the world's largest record fair in Utrecht.. anyone else going?
  11. yeah I am thinking about bringing some rare Third Man stuff with me for trade.
  12. but can't we all just do both?
  13. I am excited about going. it'll be my second time. I am hoping this time to find some more real cheap gems. I am bringing some records for trade. do you think that's a good idea? you know, hard to find shit from the US?
  14. I will definitely. not sure how much time ill have. but Ill try. any cool rock bars?
  15. I bet it's cause they're waiting for it to go up on the same day as Dine Alone
  16. I actually went last year.. it wasn't crazy over priced. but it was a bit. it was cool, and it was awesome to see a lot of records I rarely see, you know?
  17. yes please.
  18. figured a few people would be down for both of these.. me and some friends will be selling records at both of these fairs. (@recordnerdz) 1. Sunday, 9/13 - 2 - 6pm will be load in at Splitty - 415 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, 11205. 2. The fall edition of the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair happens Saturday, September 26 at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. There will be over 50 tables, including indie record labels (4AD, Partisan, Secretly Canadian, Warp, XL and more), record stores (Other Music, Captured Tracks, Academy and more) and used vendors. New vendors this time include Communion Music, Loma Vista Recordings, Young Turks and Ancient Records. In addition to all the wax, there will be special DJ sets and a beer garden. Full list of Brooklyn Flea Record Fair vendors are below.. Brooklyn Flea Record Fair - Fall 2015 Participating Vendors: 4AD Academy Records Ancient Records Bella Union Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records Brian Turner Bumper Records Cakeshop / Capeshok Campers' Rule Records Captured Tracks Shop Cascine CollectorScum Communion Music Dead Oceans / Jagjaguwar / Secretly Canadian Disco De Facto Famous Class Ghostly International Goodnight Records Halcyon the Shop HPRS Records Jammyland Knitting Factory Records Loma Vista Recordings Lost Pipe Dreams Matador Mute Records North End Records Ooh La La Recordings Orivious Records Other Music Paper Garden Records Partisan Raelian Raecords Rasslin' Records Recordnerdz Revilla Grooves and Gear Rough Trade Rough Trade Shop RVNG Sacred Bones Records Salvage Sound Sepiatone Records Sure Shot Records Thirteen Thirty One Ltd. Trash American Style Unbreakable Records Vinyl Mike Warp Records XL Young Turks Z/Z Records if you swing by either, make sure you stop by and say heY!!
  19. he asked me to do paypal or venmo. and the first paypal I tried sending it to, didn't work. and then he told me to send it to his work one. but I did it for goods, since it was a little bit of money. this sucks.
  20. yikes. I just put in a paypal dispute. we'll see.