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    did I miss the coupon code?
  2. I did. they're pretty cool./ I actually almost chucked them cause they were in the tote and not in the LP. whew.
  3. I am opening up a brick and mortar store in NYC that will be specializing in collectable, rare and out of print indie / punk / emo / etc.. we're not opening for two months but I am currently looking for collections or valuable rare independent records. the store will be different from other stores in the fact that everything we will carry will be out of print. we will carry test pressings, one of kind items, along with some inexpensive out of print records .. please contact here . thanks. Kristian also for all those who care. we have an instagram set [email protected]
  4. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

  5. thanks a ton. literally some dude came in last night and bought both of them . thanks a ton . I haven't seen VGS in years. was Frank the singer?
  6. bump. still looking for fun collections, items and cool stuff for the shop. if you want to check out the sort of stuff we carry, here's our Instagram @limitedtoonenyc .
  7. FS-Smashing pumpkins-Siamese Dream (Orange)

    did you sell this?
  8. Looking for someone who lives in Tokyo or Kyoto or Osaka to help with something. hit me up. thanks
  9. Awesome Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    the best thing to do, if shipping domestically, with media mail. is print a shipping label thru Paypal. When someone paid you, look at your paypal account and there will be an option. if the records aren't too heavy. you probably don't even need to weigh them, just put like 3lbs and print it out at home. tape it up and drop it off at UPS .
  10. for all of those you who haven't seen anything about this yet.. LIMITED TO ONE RECORD SHOP opens it's doors, July 29th 10am The east village's newest record shop will open it's doors on Saturday July 29th at 10am 221 East 10th Street (between 1st ave and 2nd ave) Limited to One will focus on rare, limited and out of press contemporary music. during the day, we'll have some performances - 12pm - Adam Rubenstein (Split Lip, Chamberlain) 1pm - Jeff Caudill (Gameface) We'll be selling a limited edition lathe from Jeff. limited to 25 copies. We'll also be having raffles all day, which will include rare 45's and LP's. Also for sale, we'll have "Limited to One" lathes (from Little Elephant) from such artists as Pinegrove, The World is a Beautiful Place, Tim Kasher, Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, Foxing, Sorority Noise and a ton more. We'll only have 1 copy of each of these and once they're gone, that's it. we'll have a few more things for sale, plus a store filled with new inventory. check out our instagram for some of the items we'll be selling. www.instagram.com/limitedtoonenyc I also feel like it should be said, that we did our best to price reasonably. If you're in NYC< please come and check us out. thanks. kristian /tpg
  11. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    any "new" limited release we have we'll keep as long as we can. like any new "Newbury" we buy I am going to keep under Discog's lowest asking price unless it's been out for a while. we want to have those items in our shop and we're not really interested in "flipping". but we'd love to be the shop that people say.. oh that ___ sold out. maybe Limited to One might have some for a reasonable price.
  12. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    you'd be surprised. I came into the store (even tho we're closed today) and a worker from upstairs had put his foot thru my ceiling. wtf. fml.
  13. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    If I was the Mets, you'd be there.
  14. so good news. we opened !! so we're looking for some collections to buy.. limited, out of print and rare stuff only. hit me up on here or DM me. before you do tho.. we're looking to price things very reasonably at the store, so please keep that in mind before hitting us up. I just don't want to waste your time ... thanks kristian (limited to one record shop nyc)
  15. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    hope you got the chance to stop by. ha. definitely. would love to finally meet. if you want to sell some more let me know. thanks/ great to meet you. ill let u know when that collection I was talking about comes in.
  16. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    Big thank you to everyone who came out today! Thanks a lot. Great to meet a few of you! Kristian
  17. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    You're always welcome to come and hang out Chris!! THANK YOU. make sure you say hi!!. kristian
  18. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    we're also doing some big raffles on Saturday too. I think I am going to do raffling off a HOFX and a Metallica Live at Webster Hall. 5 dollar raffles.