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  1. WTB: Earth Albums

    are you looking for Living in the Gleam? I have a copy of the /100 screened cover.
  2. hehe. one man's advocate is another man's idiocity. . or some shit. I like SB and their wax seals and wrap around sleeves.
  3. just playing devil's advocate.. but can you imagine how painstakingly annoying, wax sealing like 300 lps is?
  4. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Gar Wood .. Gar wouldn't listen...
  5. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    I don't do "the spotify." anyone see a link or video to listen to this somewhere else?
  6. changed singers actually i think Joe E is the only original member. and he started out as the drummer, I believe.
  7. WTB: Caspian, Elder, Electric Wizard

    we have an electric wizard at my shop, just posted it two days ago. @limitedtoonenyc
  8. PO: Velvet Underground - Boxset

    That's crazy. I never got mine either.. And swore I must have not ordered it
  9. I think it's 100 per color. 100 yellow / 100 green.
  10. politics aside, I didn't realize that the top 50 highest "pay what you wills" will get a lathe limited to 50.
  11. soo.... I think this is good news... I ordered Formlessness 16 cassette and Live at KEXP lp from BWM a long time ago... I am sure when everyone else did. and I got screwed like a lot of people did. well guess what? they showed up today at my box... which means anyone who is still waiting and gave up on these items.. they might actually be on their way... just letting people know.. enjoy
  12. I am pretty sure this was mentioned here already... but let's just add a moment to let this one sink in.. https://www.discogs.com/King-Gizzard-And-The-Lizard-Wizard-Polygondwanaland/release/11226820 have we left any media out?
  13. Gameface's Inaugural Record "Good" to See Vinyl for First Time in 22 Years with Special Edition Pressing Through Smartpunk Records Underground legends Gameface have announced that they are teaming up withSmartpunk Records to release their wildly influential and genre-defying 1993 inauguration, Good, on vinyl for the first time since its initial pressing in 1993. Releasing on 11/13, the LP will be featured in a gatefold packaging specially designed by the band itself and includes diary entries and personal photos from the Good era tour cycle as well as 4 brand new art prints by frontman Jeff Caudill. It will also have a bonus alternate version of "Retraction," never released on vinyl. The limited edition colored variants breakdown as follows: Yellow w/ Black & Clear Splatter (Smartpunk Exclusive /100), Red (/200), and Black (/200). The band has released a revamped lyricvideo for "Election Year," showcasing the alluring packaging. Pre-orders for all variants and exclusive bundles are now live on Smartpunk Records' website. Good 1. Election Year 2. Only One 3. Organization 4. Soap 5. Backwards 6. Common Ground 7. Scared 8. Friday Matinee 9. The Last Song 10. Retraction 11. Good 12. Diff'rent Strokes 13. Retraction (Boston '96) Gameface Gameface was originally formed in the summer of 1990 and has since released five full-length albums, each carrying the band's dynamic, distinctive sound that has gone on to influence countless bands over the years. http://smartpunk.com/Smartpunk-Releases-Exclusives
  14. or I just go to iceland to see the show and pick up my records. haha
  15. am I the only asshole here who bought and then realized you can only pick them up at the show?? f. if someone is going and can pick up my records for me, ill send you a record (from my shop) as a gift..
  16. I actually own both already and love it. just wanted to see if they were more limited than the copies I already own.
  17. dude same thing happened to me. and then went I went to click on the message it was gone. I have never seen that before. weird..
  18. if anyone wouyld be willing to grab these for me I would be willing to trade a lot for them..
  19. I am just curious. is there anyone on here that's trying to buy one of everything? or one from each label or anything like that? I am so curious..