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  1. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Anyone willing to go to Redscroll today to grab the limited copy for me. I'll trade you for something in my shop..
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    I am putting them together today. they look really nice.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    thanks dude. Im sure we'll have some cool left over stuff on Sunday and Tuesday. Ill post it on here if we have any leftovers. I also think we're going to send Jeff a few so he might sell them / or bring them out if he plays any shows.
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    just in case anyone is in NYC and wanted to stop by. Limited to One Record Store day:
  5. just a head's up on anyone psyched on this record... we haven't announced it yet but we're having these guys play our shop (@limitedtoonenyc) on Record Store Day along with three other performers.
  6. for all of those you who haven't seen anything about this yet.. LIMITED TO ONE RECORD SHOP opens it's doors, July 29th 10am The east village's newest record shop will open it's doors on Saturday July 29th at 10am 221 East 10th Street (between 1st ave and 2nd ave) Limited to One will focus on rare, limited and out of press contemporary music. during the day, we'll have some performances - 12pm - Adam Rubenstein (Split Lip, Chamberlain) 1pm - Jeff Caudill (Gameface) We'll be selling a limited edition lathe from Jeff. limited to 25 copies. We'll also be having raffles all day, which will include rare 45's and LP's. Also for sale, we'll have "Limited to One" lathes (from Little Elephant) from such artists as Pinegrove, The World is a Beautiful Place, Tim Kasher, Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, Foxing, Sorority Noise and a ton more. We'll only have 1 copy of each of these and once they're gone, that's it. we'll have a few more things for sale, plus a store filled with new inventory. check out our instagram for some of the items we'll be selling. www.instagram.com/limitedtoonenyc I also feel like it should be said, that we did our best to price reasonably. If you're in NYC< please come and check us out. thanks. kristian /tpg
  7. so far only the EU / Danish version is up but in the past their label does a different version then the Matador / Big Love versions.. http://escho.bigcartel.com/product/esc45 €19.00 The Danish edition in a handfolded gatefold with lyrics booklet and MP3 voucher. A1 On My Fingers A2 The Lord's Favorite A3 How Many A4 Glassy Eyed, Dormant And Veiled B1 Stay B2 Let It Vanish B3 Abundant Living B4 Forever C1 Cimmerian Shade C2 Against The Moon C3 Simony C4 Plowing into the Field of Love Ships from Copenhagen October 6th or before. Release Date: 06/10/2014. Catalogue no.: ESC45. Format: 2x12". 500 copies (1st edition) video link here. this record seems to be a lot different from their last outing...
  8. yeah I just got them. thanks for the head's up
  9. Jawbreaker reunion

    come and visit soon!!
  10. Jawbreaker reunion

    thanks a lot!! yea that's me.
  11. Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    Mine - www.instagram.com/recordnerdz Store - www.instagram.com/Limitedtoonenyc
  12. Fans of punk, psych and indie rock. (fans of King Gizz, Pangea, etc) Sales starts on 3/1 @ 12PM EST for subscribers (it's not too late to sign up). Subscribers will get a 2-hour early access password via the newsletter. Regular sale starts @ 2PM EST for everyone else, and will have all remaining stock left over from the pre-sale. https://www.mindaltarrecords.com 50 "Twin Pisces" Deluxe Vinyl Package $13.50: Includes a "Twin Pisces" colored 7", a 2-color wrap around screen print of alternate artwork that is hand-numbered and stamped, a one-off black and white photograph of the band playing from a recent show in New York City and the standard glue-pocket album jacket. 100 "Sunspot" Tour Edition: "Sunspot" colored 7" that is only available at the band's live shows during their upcoming tour and SXSW dates. 250 "Lucid Ripple" Limited Edition $7: "Lucid Ripple" colored 7" housed in a glue-pocket jacket. Listen to the A-Side "Need The Sun" here. A-Side has a locked groove, your turntable isn't broken!
  13. Jawbreaker reunion

    It was great to meet you! Glad you guys came in.
  14. Literally arrived at the shop when I was leaving.. I got two copies. See above
  15. for anyone in the NYC / NJ / CT area.. we're going to have a few of the singles at my shop, Limited to (more than) One. k
  16. FS - Pearl Jam Vault #5

    it's this one yes? https://www.discogs.com/Pearl-Jam-Aladdin-Theater-113093/release/7641985

    all black vinyl?
  18. PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    this record is sooo good. and so fuckin' glitchy and cool.
  19. WTB: Earth Albums

    are you looking for Living in the Gleam? I have a copy of the /100 screened cover.
  20. hehe. one man's advocate is another man's idiocity. . or some shit. I like SB and their wax seals and wrap around sleeves.
  21. just playing devil's advocate.. but can you imagine how painstakingly annoying, wax sealing like 300 lps is?