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  1. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Not mine, but here's a pic I found of the surprise (spoilers ahead)
  2. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Oh man, super hyped about this
  3. single sounds great, but why does the album cover remind me of Cat Power?
  4. Details are up: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/jeremy_enigk/return_of_the_frog_queen_expanded_edition Loser edition on purple colored vinyl
  5. PO now up at Sub Pop: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/jeremy_enigk/return_of_the_frog_queen_expanded_edition http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27208124/jeremy-enigk-return-of-the-frog-queen
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    It's still on the RSD page: http://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/10388
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    Here's what I could gather from the RSDUK site. Seems to be an empty box with an EP and some other goodies: LIMITED EDITION Box set! Incudes 12” EP on etched clear vinyl with custom Marvel Comics branded artwork. Custom metal box set includes space to store your copies of RTJ1-3 plus space for the upcoming RTJ4! Also included is a custom RTJ turntable slip mat with images on both sides, collectible poster and a sticker set for the kids.
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    The only release that matters
  9. *inane Liquid Filled Record
  10. PO: Black Panther The Album

    Wait hold up, is the PA sticker on the shirt as well or is that some lazy Photoshop work?
  11. Likewise, I ended up ordering it a few days ago. Hopefully they haven't depleted the Test Pressing stash. Also, I realized that adding an extra copy of Loveless on top of my bundle order only added $2 to the shipping cost, so I ended up splitting my order with him to save some shipping costs.
  12. Pre-order here: http://www.pwelverumandsun.com/store#mounteerie Now Only, written shortly following the release of A Crow Looked At Me and the first live performances of those songs, is a deeper exploration of that style of candid, undisguised lyrical writing. It portrays Elverum’s continuing immersion in the strange reality of Geneviève’s death, chronicling the evolution of his relationship to her and her memory, and of the effect the artistic exploration of his grief has had on his own life. The scope of Now Only encompasses not only hospitals and deathbeds, but also a music festival, childhood memories of conversations with Elverum’s mother, profound paintings and affecting artworks he encounters, a documentary about Jack Kerouac, and most significantly, memories of his life with Geneviève. These moments and thoughts resonate with each other, creating a more complex and nuanced picture of mourning and healing. The power of these songs comes not from the small, sharp moments of cutting phrases or shocks, but the echoes that weave the songs together, the way a life is woven. The music, fully realized by Elverum alone at home, is fleshed out texturally and seems to react to the words in real time. In a moment of confusion, dissonance abruptly makes itself known; in a moment of clarity, gentle piano arises. On the title track, the blunt declaration of “people get cancer and die” is subverted by a melody that can only be described as pop. As Elverum reinvents his lyrical process, he is also refining his musical vocabulary. Elverum’s life during the period he wrote Now Only was defined by the duality of existing with the praise and attention garnered by A Crow Looked At Me and the difficult reality of maintaining a house with a small child by himself, as well as working to preserve Geneviève’s artistic legacy. Consumed with the day to day of raising his daughter, Elverum felt his musical self was so distant that it seemed fictional. Stepping into the role of Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie held the promise of positive empathy and praise, but also the difficulty of inhabiting the intense grief that produced the music. These moments, both public and domestic, are chronicled in these songs. They are songs of remembrance, and songs about the idea of remembrance, about living on the cusp of the past and present and reluctantly witnessing a beloved person’s history take shape. Time continues. ELV041: NOW ONLY by Mount Eerie : LP + download (PRE-ORDER) release date: March 16th, 2018 A sequel or continuation down the path that began with “A Crow Looked At Me”. 6 word-filled songs about the raw strangeness of the present moment, waking up in wreckage, living with pervasive echoing real ghosts and a growing young child. Autobiographical. contains: 6 songs, 44 minutes, heavy old style gatefold tip-on jacket with special subtle blue paper on the inner liner sheet, all the lyrics, free download card 1. Tintin in Tibet (4:37) 2. Distortion (10:58) 3. Now Only (5:54) 4. Earth (5:52) 5. Two Paintings by Nikolai Astrup (9:22) 6. Crow, Pt. 2 (6:50)
  13. ...and I ended up getting SBB as well. Side A: GROW04-1 S-28031 A 28461.1(3)... A GOLDEN Side B: GROW04-1 S-28031-B 28461.2(3)...A GOLDEN Can anyone compare the deadwax info with the OG pressings? These reissues sound great btw.