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This was the first time your avatar matched your mood. Glad you found the tape.


LOL it's a tough life


Also, my local record shop had a copy of it when I was there. I was like "Nah, I can't afford it right now. I'll get it next time." Went back there two weeks later and it was gone. The guy said it had just sold earlier that week :(

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Update to the Incoming:

  • Camera Shy | Self Titled
  • CATNAPS / Tiny Teeth
  • Contron | Self Titled | First | Blue
  • Dogbreth | Sentimental Health
  • For Everest | No Jazz Rock | First | Blue | 100
  • Infinity Crush | Stumble Pretty | First | Pink | 100
  • Jeff Rosenstock | We Cool?
  • Miserable | Dog Days
  • Posture And The Grizzly | Calling All Creeps | First | Yellow | 100
  • Pretty Pretty | Demo
  • QUARTERBACKS | SPORTSCENTER | Second | Black | 100

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The White Reaper tapes are awesome. I picked up the two Wampire releases, and lucked out with the White Reaper single, too. It's the only reason I looked at the sale.

I grabbed the new White Reaper on LP and ordered the first record on tape but instead received the new record on both LP and tape. Actually listen to the tape more so alls well that ends well. Need that first record still tho. 

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Word of Mouf was one of my favorite albums by Ludacris back in the day..Then I thought Back For The First Time was better up until I listened to Word of Mouf today entirely for the first time since I lost the CD years ago. He seems way more comfortable with his lyrics, I thoroughly enjoy the humor he brought to the rap game, the creativity in his music videos were definitely up there with Busta Rhymes

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Got a copy of this on the way: http://www.discogs.com/At-The-Drive-In-Relationship-Of-Command/release/4920945

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D


Got a copy of sleeping tapes


Jeff Bridges | Sleeping Tapes | Squarespace | Black


Are the tapes all black now? Mine has rad labels..

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Alex G | Beach Music | Second | Yellow | 250

Ali Koehler | Dateland | First | Purple | #91/155

Allison Crutchfield | Lean In To It | First | Clear

Andrew Jackson Jihad | Christmas Island | Second | Purple

Dandelion Hands | Dandelion Hands Is Dead!! Vol. 1 | First | Black | 25

Dead Ringer | Demo 2010 | First | Black

Dead Ringer | Enjoy The Ride EP | First | Yellow

Great Thunder | The Sounds Of Great Thunder | First | Black | 100

Modern Baseball | Sports | First | Clear | 53

No More | Thought Crimes | First | Yellow

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin | Broom | First | Black | 300

The Boy Who Could Fly | Kindergarten | First | White

Tiny Teeth | Ghost People | First | Purple | #63/100

Upset | '76 | First | White | 300




Fear Mint Vol. 2 | Anthony Jay Sanders / Cameron Boucher | First | Gray | 31

Teen Suicide | DC Snuff Film / Waste Yyrself | First | Purple | 750

Teen Suicide | I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is A Devil In My Body | First | Red | 750

Urban Outfitters / Run For Cover | Mixtape #10 | First | Red | 100

Urban Outfitters | Mixtape #11 | First | Blue

World Is A Beautiful Place, The | Make Mistakes | First | Blue (40) or Grey (90)

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grabbed a tape at a Beach House show last night – S/T on side A, Devotion on Side B. 

also, Ant'lrd's new tape on Inner Islands. beautiful packaging and sounds. he's one of my favorite ambient/drone artists, without a doubt.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Where the fuck can I acquire this Beach House tape


Do not say 'tour only' because I will gouge out my eyeballs

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