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PO: AFI - Blood Album (01/20/2017)

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31 minutes ago, ximperfectx said:

The Amazon listing suggests that this is a single LP. Given that and the mockup, I'd say that's the case.

OK, thanks. I was wondering with 14 tracks on this, what would be the case. StS and Burials were 2LP but Crash Love and Decemberunderground were single. Maybe the tracks on this will mostly be around 3 minutes each.

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27 minutes ago, switch5150 said:

Anyone get a DF presale password for the shows? I can't remember the last time I saw one of those emails... 

Came here to ask the same thing? Would love to order tickets today if anyone wants to share the password. One of the kids I'm going with was a member of DF years ago but he didn't think that was even a thing anymore.

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