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Po: frusciante - Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a tshirt

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Mailorder exclusive from the label:




Mail-order exclusive, deluxe edition includes 2xLP on translucent red vinyl, bonus 7-inch of two extra tracks from the original cassette release and a black-and-white photograph of the artist. Strictly limited to 1,000 copies.


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Money's very tight but I had to splurge on this.

Frusciante reissues are rarer than a herd of unicorns on a blue moon night, and the mailorder edition with the cassette only tracks on bonus 7" forced my decision.

Hopefully Superior Viaduct will reissue the next two. Would be nice to own To Only Record Water for Ten Days for less than ~100 bucks a pop like that other Aussie label charged recently...

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2 hours ago, Soundwolf said:

Has anyone seen a UK preorder for the standard edition yet? I saw this briefly come up on amazon as 'unavailable' and was removed later that day. Cant find anything on sites that stock other Superior Viaduct releases

Not U.K. but in Germany HHV.de is carrying the standard variant:


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From Superior's email just now:


We are excited to finally release John Frusciante's solo debut, Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt. This album is a personal favorite of ours, so it is truly an honor to present its first-time vinyl release.

Shipping this week, the black vinyl standard version – includes double LP, gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves. We threw in a lil something extra for those who pre-ordered from our web site (while supplies last).

Sorry, the deluxe version sold out right away and was strictly limited. For those who bought the deluxe edition, we should start shipping those in a week or two. Thanks for your patience. You won't be disappointed.


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