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  1. I honestly always thought this band was horrible live even when I worshipped them in high school so I don't mind. Those De-Loused extras LPs are much more desirable than Scab Dates to me. Looking at ebay a silver copy of De-Loused cracked $500 a few weeks ago. Damn. I think I got $250 or so
  2. Same. Sold every album because I figured a repress was inevitable. Could easily pay for this $500 set with what I got for the originals lol
  3. Cart filling. They're starting to sell slower now but it'll be less than 1k each in the next hour
  4. It started at 2500 for the standalone and 2500 for the bundle. Already about 1350 for the standalone left and 1476 of the bundle. This will sell out today if it keeps going.
  5. This looks like a snippet from track 4 on the 10". https://www.instagram.com/p/CL-aEkFDTlb/?igshid=7ff99cwe3yqf
  6. It's probably just a lack of research before arguing something rather than people paying stupid prices.
  7. Didn't think you could make the original cover worse, but they did it. They fucking did it.
  8. Most subscriptions have extra copies lying around much longer solely because they're locked behind a pay wall. Just because the limited Claud sold out first doesn't mean it was more limited than the sub variant. Also I'm gonna guess the VMP version is some sort of clear with multiple smoke variant. Hoping yellow and orange.
  9. It's that noise going on in the background all throughout The Glow Pt. 2

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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