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  1. I'm sure they're talking about this being extra incentive to buy a second copy rather than first timers such as yourself.
  2. They changed the album art for the first LP like 5 times they been done doin this.
  3. I wonder why they replaced one of the features in that song. I also thought they were done ignoring intros for vinyl after the last album. Ah well, Wriggle on vinyl.
  4. I know, it's just a dream... that now has a better chance of happening if they're active again.
  5. I'm going to have this fingerprint analyzed and make them fire whoever did it.
  6. This album absolutely fucks. Too bad it'll be criminally underrated.
  7. Yes, other than the vinyl and the jacket the rest is the same.
  8. Fuuuuuck bro you're wrong but it'll be alright. I'm the one melting down you definitely right. I really really don't wanna continue this fight. So here's a lil rhyme I consider us tight.
  9. Every other place on the internet is arguing about the prices that just dropped and we're arguing about 2005 lmao
  10. Lmao he keeps going. $35 was too much and there is evidence to back it up. The end. CaLm DoWn 🥱
  11. It's crazy how far you go just to avoid admitting you were wrong about a sensible price tag in 2005
  12. Whatever man "it's subjective and worth it to me though" isn't an argument. Geogaddi was $20 or less when it released. Now represses are $30. This band just be like that and it's always been annoying. They aren't popular either. Stores had copies that cheap because nobody bought them. Gold Standard Labs folded after 3 TMV albums because their business model was terrible.
  13. Exactly. I bought mine the second time though lol. It bought me many more records when I sold it too ha

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