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    whoa reacted to simple_torture in PO: Eels - Extreme Witchcraft   
    Great album title.
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    whoa reacted to Derek™ in Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me   
    Biggest yikes of your entire post.
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    whoa reacted to rooks in Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me   
    Carlie Rae Jepsen 10 year anniversary pressing of Call Me Maybe? 

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    whoa reacted to Derek™ in Soon? The Mars Volta   
    Black Keys?  In my Mars Volta thread?
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    whoa reacted to Scruffy...the janitor in (PO SOON?) : Turnstile - Glow On   
    Any kind soul willing to grab one of the /40 painted covers for me from the record release show tomorrow? 
    *a soft breeze whispers, “…yeah, right.”
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    whoa reacted to jhulud in PO: Emma Ruth Rundle - Engine of Hell (11/5/2021)   
    And just want to say that my life could use another Marriages album. 
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    whoa reacted to Sjchecchia in (PO SOON?) : Turnstile - Glow On   
    Someone referred to this time in vinyl buying/flipping as "peak beanie baby" time and I fuckin died lmao. Shit is getting crazy.
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    whoa reacted to N8TRU in All Things Slow Crush   
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    whoa reacted to timsimmons in Radiohead - Kid A / Amnesiac 21st Anniversary Reissue (KID A Mnesia)   
    yeah, you can do a half speed master for 33 or 45. 
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    whoa reacted to Billich0986 in Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice 2xLP New New Pressing on "Moon Phase" Vinyl   
    TL:DR - The latest 45rpm repress is the best sounding, in my opinion. Hope this may or may not help anyone on the fence about getting this latest pressing. 
    With the wife out of town, I finally got a chance to compare the OG press with the 33rpm press and the latest 45rpm repress. 
    Disclaimer: This is the opinion of one person, and I won't claim to be some audiophile. This is just based on my ears, which may not be the greatest anyway. 
    Setup: Pro-Ject Classic Evo w/Sumiko Amethyst; Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier; Focal Aria 936 speakers 
    Test track (listened to multiple times swapping between all pressings): Part 2
    I'll start with the 33rpm press. This was the worst sounding, and it wasn't honestly that bad. Basically, it sounded like all the instruments were in a tunnel stacked on top of one another. That doesn't mean there was echo or a tunnel-like sound, but simply everything was placed directly in front of you, with no separation. Despite this, everything sounded relatively clear.
    Next, the 45rpm OG press. As soon as I put this on, I could hear the difference. There was a stage. Everything was spread out and clear. I enjoyed the extra depth it provided. But maybe too spread out? Lastly, it felt a bit bombastic when everything kicked in midway through. (Go listen to the track and you'll know the part I'm talking about. Sorry for the poor articulation.)
    Last, the latest 45rpm repress. What makes it better? Basically, it takes the separation and hones in instruments and sounds, along with providing additional clarity on certain instruments. Some instruments like the acoustic guitar are front and center, while the electric sounds off to the sides. It's this added detail and focus that puts this in the top spot for me.
    With all of that said, unless you have a system capable of that kind of detail, I'm not sure you'd hear a difference between the OG press and the latest repress. Again, all just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth. 
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    whoa got a reaction from iwokeinrelief in Ambient Related Releases (Drone, Field Recording, Neo-Classical, Experimental)   
    Didn't quite think this release merits its own thread, but new Jon Hopkins released digitally and on CD on the 12th of November, and on vinyl on the 11th of February, 2022.
    PO (Domino Mart) http://smarturl.it/MFPTlp
    Limited edition double clear LP with signed lithograph artwork print
    Black vinyl is available too (a few UK stores have it listed).
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    whoa reacted to throwgncpr in PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)   
    RIP Infinite Grantite
  13. Haha
    whoa reacted to OU818 in PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)   
    this album is really good, I think my biggest gripe with it so far has been the typo in the title of this thread
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    whoa reacted to birdturbo in PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)   
    Fantano just shouldn't review.
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    whoa reacted to jhulud in Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Self-Quarantine Discussion Thread   
    It's been a long while since this was last posted in. Anyone still have anything to want talk about?
    This past weekend...on 8/14...was my birthday...my home situation is a fuckin' mess. All mainly due to my brother's undiagnosed/untreated mental illness...he's most likely a paranoid schizophrenic...so needless to say, it completely ruined my birthday altogether as he had an episode and all focus on him. 
    Thankfully...my best friend of 25+ years...invited me over to his place to spend my birthday and his...as it's on 8/15...over at his place with him and his wife. Their place is always my refuge when shit gets hairy and intense at home usually due to my brother. So good times were spent all way through weekend and we all went out for lunch on his birthday and his wife's parents joined us. (He has no family here locally...so I'm closest as he's an only child and I may as well be his brother). 
    Good times were had. I came home on Sunday afternoon. Later that evening he calls me up and tells me that his wife came up positive on a COVID test the had taken earlier on Saturday morning. They had gone as a precaution as they had gotten back from Nashville earlier about a week for a Con they had attended. Which by the way was a mess apparently with any safety cautions taken. He came up negative on his test. 
    So I started to freak out. Mainly because of my own health (and selfishly my upcoming trip to Seattle to go see These Arms Are Snakes) but also b/c both my parents are older and they live with me...and we're of course perpetuating the Latino stereotypes...and my father is through his chemo and immunotherapy for lung cancer...(he's doing crazily better and improving)...so yeah, I went nuts. I went to get tested on Wednesday figuring the 3-5 day window of potential exposure as recommended by the CDC and also speaking to a good friend in Seattle how happens to be a doctor much as same in the field as Dr. Fauci. 
    So I went and got the PCR test done figuring it'd be more thorough. 
    Earlier this morning (Friday) I got the test message telling me my results were in and to log on to read them and all. By the grace of God/Chthulu/Satan/Alah...I came up NEGATIVE. Such a sigh of relief.
    But I am still worried and concerned as things are getting worse and worse all over. A good chunk of me is hoping that the TAAS show gets re-scheduled or cancelled as it'd be the most prudent thing to do. 
    And then there's Furnace Fest in AL. It's still going on but they're placing strict guidelines and rules about it. But being a large gathering as such...it's too risky anyways, I'd like to think. 
    Things are still all kinds of fucked up all over the place and there seems to be more people who are apathetic and indifferent than anyone else. 
  16. Haha
    whoa reacted to MCDELTAT in Video Game OSTs v2.0   
    They havent gone up yet? You had me tripping too because I didn't remember them going up so early before. 1 Hour to go. 9AM PST for me.

    Apparently I don't know what day it is.
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    whoa reacted to ghost in Video Game OSTs v2.0   
    SH3 and SH4 via Mondo. I know it's my opinion, but these covers are awful:
  18. Thanks
    whoa got a reaction from lostcrimes in [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells   
    No. You buy it now. You want to eat? Tough shit, Holy Fawn. Rent? Bills? Bank repayments? Your debtors will understand that you've bought the best album that ever existed is now in your collection, slowly burning into your soul.
  19. Haha
    whoa got a reaction from prowl20 in [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells   
    No. You buy it now. You want to eat? Tough shit, Holy Fawn. Rent? Bills? Bank repayments? Your debtors will understand that you've bought the best album that ever existed is now in your collection, slowly burning into your soul.
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    whoa reacted to zaoza in [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells   
    new LP soon-ish?
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    whoa reacted to Shlebs in PO: A Great Big Pile of Leaves - PONO (8/13)   
    This shit is so fucking good you guys. The hook in Swimmer... 
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    whoa got a reaction from IndigoHollow in HMV Centenary exclusive   
    Whhhaaa? That's incomprehensible; You'd think the best way to resolve this was to contact you first instead of blankly fuck it off and refund it. I'm outraged on your behalf, they're utter dickheads.
  23. Haha
    whoa reacted to LeeKaye in HMV Centenary exclusive   
    I only remember as I ordered 4. And instead of being sent in one delivery, they each arrived a day after each other. It was the same DPD driver, and by day 4 we were best mates. 
  24. Sad
    whoa reacted to bobby in HMV Centenary exclusive   
    Apparently it somehow made its way back to their warehouse after being dispatched and they've told me they can't send it back out to me and are just going to relist on their website "at some point." 

    I've got to admit, their service is pretty shite.
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    whoa got a reaction from iwokeinrelief in Video Game OSTs v2.0   
    Available on Ghostly https://ghostly.com/products/c418-minecraft-volume-alpha
    EDIT: Good thing Ghostly have a limiter on their order page to stop people adding 20 to cart.

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