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  1. If you’re going to be a cunt you should really just go all in balls deep instead of being a sally and calling adults dumb. for example: quit being a cunt and figure out why you need to lash out online. Is your life really so sad? You need a copy of this album in your life, sad boy.
  2. I’ve made my feelings about SRC clear in the past but I just find it hilarious the number of people who would rather “stick it to SRC” and send some unheard message than own a long OOP album for $24
  3. Felt the need to chime in with my opinion: this album fucking rules. opener and olive tree are easy SOTY contenders
  4. My guess is because no one cares about this band anymore. (I love this band)
  5. No clue on details but this popped up... I know repressing hatred for mankind was in the cards this year. Here’s hoping... Dragged into Sunlight- Widowmaker anyone know anything? Can’t find anything anywhere online
  6. give your balls a tug ya titfucker go buy some urban outfitters exclusives and pin them to your wall you think I’m on a vinyl forum cause I love mp3s? Figure it out
  7. But it doesn’t matter unless you’re either a flipper or an urban outfitters tool who pins their albums to the wall. listen to the fuckin record, who cares how many there are
  8. This is the internet dude, it only helps those who help themselves. It’s not that hard.
  9. Y'all in here talking about a new pixies album like it won't be garbage. Fool me once, Frank Black, strike one. Fool me twice... Strike three...
  10. I said nothing of my own prickliness now did I? In total agreement with you there hahaha. I love VC for the petty bullshit one day and everyone rejoicing in a new thread for an exciting release the next.
  11. Ayyyy I know the guitarist, he’s cool as shit. Makes knives and shit for fun. Ridiculous beard.
  12. Yeah this is good but it’s weak in their discography. a lackluster national album is still way better than most albums though
  13. Man I thought some cool shit went down fuck yall that being said said I dig tycho but can’t say I’ve ever listened to a full album. What’s his best in yalls opinion
  14. Yeah, no. Good luck getting IDIB fans to turn on them. They treat their fans well and this makes sense to me. They’re obviously trying to keep this tour and it’s setup under wraps and are working towards announcing dear tommy. Pretty sure JJ didn’t mean to personally sleight you. If they wanted to screw fans they wouldn’t charge $18 for triple LPs and ensure there’s essentially zero market for flipping their releases with constant represses the second something sells out
  15. People on Sputnik are shitting all over this and it’s really funny. I’ve been a member of that site for a decade and it’s sad how far it’s fallen. Theyve gone from idolizing godspeed, nmh, this band, and other hipster staples to trashing everything about all of the above for not being up to their standards these days... which I don’t even know what they are these days. They love Taylor swift and death grips though I guess? anyway I digress this album is exceptionally nice for a car ride through the mountains in the sun
  16. Ayyyyyy knew this had to be coming. Very nice. I will wait for some US distros.
  17. He doesn’t read the boards, no chance his behavior changes. This has been a thing for months.
  18. @dapeebs is the true hero here, this repress was long overdue, very wanted, and not a shitty 27th variant of Homesick. A quality post through and through. and his link doesn’t take you to Facebook.