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  1. The state of this band makes me sad. “bUt ItS gOoD sUmMeR mUsIc It HaS vIbEs” So does sgt pepper and it isn’t elevator music completely devoid of character
  2. It clicked with me about five minutes into the record release show last Saturday… this album sounds like neutral milk hotel. I love it so much
  3. Out of curiosity, do you think dropping my actual name offends me or something? You can keep saying im a basement dwelling neck beard- we both know that isn’t true, until recently you’ve inexplicably stalked me on social media and know I live on the road with my dogs half the year and in Oregon the other half, but hey baby, whatever gets you off. I am never worried about whether or not my life is better than yours. The hate boner you have for me is kind of hilarious, good to know if I need a place to crash I live rent free in your head 😂
  4. You going out to celebrate saint Patrick’s day says all we really need to know about you
  5. Wait. You mean that unholy mashup of five different colors didn’t come out like the mockup?!
  6. The art and titles scream “we’re going shoegaze” the song does have some swirly guitars.. digging this a lot.
  7. Came here wondering if there was a new single and this band got good again. guess I’ll keep waiting every pressing I’ve ever gotten from NC looks exactly like whatever image got posted with it. It’s a safe bet that’s an actual record, not a mock-up but I stopped buying records a year ago so if this has changed, someone please correct me
  8. have had multiple orders now where that extra $1.50 meant my corner ding turned into a free record. Doesn't actually fix the problem but has probably saved me 2x as much as I have spent on the feature. “ Fuck yourself, you’re the reason single lps cost $30 minimum these days. And also the exact type of customer that pushed merchnow to adopt the policy. Corner dings. Fuck outta here.
  9. You’re welcome to disagree but these objectively sound like ass. Thin, tinny, ass.
  10. These recordings sound not great and buddy needs to put more effort into screaming. We heard pull the thorns. He’s capable. Oof.
  11. Out if curiosity- Did we collectively decide we didn’t care that Cory is an all lives matter piece of shit? that's cool.
  12. I’d tell y’all to pound sand too with these stupid ass requests.

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