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  1. You’re welcome to disagree but these objectively sound like ass. Thin, tinny, ass.
  2. These recordings sound not great and buddy needs to put more effort into screaming. We heard pull the thorns. He’s capable. Oof.
  3. Out if curiosity- Did we collectively decide we didn’t care that Cory is an all lives matter piece of shit? that's cool.
  4. I’d tell y’all to pound sand too with these stupid ass requests.
  5. Saw them tour TBEITBN with gates opening, that was a good show and proved that if nothing else they’re at the top of their live game. Set list is a blur- I was wasted 🤷‍♂️
  6. I don’t have much to contribute other than vheissu is my favorite but also mainly this is the internet, what’re you folks doing having a rational exchange of opinions?
  7. You’re really going to die on this stupid, stupid hill aren’t you?
  8. You’re all a bunch of fucking losers and so is Ryan adams
  9. Maybe I missed something earlier in the thread but- you don’t prefer the remaster? It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever heard. Or is it just a having both thing?
  10. My guess would be they will bring instruments and microphones, then play the songs
  11. We don’t fuck w bullmoose round these parts no more I also assume the error in question are those boring turds that were their last albums
  12. My biggest gripe is that the songs with vocals aren’t even from the band themselves. Really strips away the identity they’d started cultivating on audio noir
  13. Records for sale, the last of my collection I’ve held onto to for the better part of a decade. help me move from the east coast to Oregon by buying the shit I can’t fit in my car. $5 media mail shipping from Harrisburg, PA via paypal G+S. $50 minimum purchase please. The armed- split w tharsis they (red) 25 the armed- only love (gold) 40 (SOLD) The armed- ultrapop (clear) 18 Between the buried and me- colors (splatter) 40 (SOLD) Between the buried and me- parallax 2 (marble) 35 (SOLD) The black queen- fever daydream (silver) 35 Bongzilla- weedsconsin (split) 35 Clipping- visions of bodies being burned (orange) 35 Cloakroom- time well 12 Devin Townsend- Empath (violet) 80 (SOLD) Devin Townsend project- addicted 40 (SOLD) Dillinger esc plan- ire works (blue splatter) 35 (SOLD) Dillinger esc plan- miss machine (coke splatter) 25 (SOLD) Down I go- gods (blue) 10 Electric wizard- come my fanatics (newberry) 30 Ellis- born again (white) 14 Enter shikari- nothing is true (clear splatter) 24 Explosions in the sky- the wilderness (tour) 50 Fall of Troy- doppelgänger (red white black) 25 (SOLD) Fear before- The Always open mouth (red/yellow) 55 Fiona Apple- fetch the bold cutters (vmp) 30 (SOLD) Fleetwood Mac- rumours 18 Frank sinatra- in the wee small hours (1955) 60 Frank turner- love ire and song deluxe (red) 50 Frank turner- tape deck heart (splatter) 22 Full of hell- roots/rudiments (pinwheel) 40 full of hell- trumpeting ecstasy (gods eye) 40 Funeral diner- the underdark (purple) 18 Gates- bloom and breathe (silkscreen splatter) 28 Gates- parallel lives (splatter) 18 Genghis tron- dream weapon (cloudy splatter) 20 Godspeed- gods pee 20 Green Day- American idiot 18 (SOLD) Hayley Williams- petals for armor (uo) 45 Hum- downward is heavenward (blue) 22 (SOLD) Hum- inlet 20 Jonsi- Go (red) 20 Julien baker- little oblivions (yellow) 18 (SOLD) Julien baker- sprained ankle (clear) 20 Kanye west- mbdtf (cover tear) 30 (SOLD) King Hannah- tell me your mind (creme) 12 La dispute- somewhere… (orig. mix purple) 45 La dispute- wildlife (starburst) 60 (SOLD) Lady Gaga- fame monster (box) 68 Loathe- I let it in… (split) 22 Lost horizons- in quiet moments (coke/blue) 22 Maudlin of the well- bath 80 Maudlin of the well- my fruit psychobells (purple) 45 Mewithoutyou- untitled lp (blue) 18 Miles Davis- kind of blue (blue) 30 Modest mouse- the moon and Antarctica (damaged cover) 10 (SOLD) Modest mouse- long drive 18 (SOLD) Mogwai- as the love continues (yellow) 20 (SOLD) Mountains- centralia (brown) 10 My chemical romance- three cheers 15 Nirvana- bleach deluxe 18 (SOLD) Nirvana- unplugged (purple/orange) 50 Nirvana- nevermind (silver) 18 Nothing- dance on the blacktop (hand painted cover with deluxe trip stripe vinyl) 65 (SOLD) Nothing- guilty of everything (reverse flag) 15 Nothing- the great dismal (butterfly) 45 The number twelve- mongrel (bone brown) 55 (SOLD) The number twelve- nuclear sad nuclear (orange) 35 (SOLD) The number twelve- rosy red glasses (smoke) 50 (SOLD) The number twelve- worse than alone (gray) 35 (SOLD) The number twelve- wild gods (swirl) 22 (SOLD) Oceana- birth eater (beer splatter) 30 Paysage dhiver- self titled 85 Paysage dhiver- im wald 55 Phoebe bridgers- punisher (merlot) 48 (SOLD) Phoebe bridgers- stranger in the alps 15 (SOLD) Pinegrove- amperland (red/blue) 50 Pinegrove- marigold (yellow) 12 Pink Floyd- meddle 5 (SOLD) Pixies- pilgrim/Rosa (gold) 30 Queens of the Stone Age- songs for the deaf 18 (SOLD) Radiohead- ok computer 18 Rolo tomassi- time will die (pink in clear) 65 (SOLD) Sigur ros- agaetus byrjun 18 (SOLD) Sleigh bells- treats 50 (SOLD) Snowmine- dialects 12 Snowmine- laminate pet animal (white) 22 (SOLD) Soccer mommy- color theory (binder) 60 State faults- clairvoyant (coke) 45 Swans- to be kind (signed) 66 Swarms- old raves end (white) 20 Talk talk- laughing stock 15 Tallest man on earth- the wild hunt 12 Taylor swift- 1989 60 (SOLD) Taylor swift- lover (target) 25 Taylor swift- folklore (brown) 30 (SOLD) Tennis system- lovesick (splatter) 22 Thursday- kill the house lights (white) 18 Toby driver- they are the shield (red) 20 Tom waits- closing time 12 (SOLD) Tom waits- nighthawks 12 (SOLD) Turnover- peripheral vision (doublemint) 30 Twin temple- satanic doo wop (purple) 40 underoath- observatory box 120 Unwound- leaves turn inside you 22 (SOLD) victor fix the sun- person place or thing (amber) 12 Viet cong- self titled 12 (SOLD) The Weeknd- after hours (uo) 55 Whirr- distressor redux 50 Whirr- feels like you redux 40 White stripes- icky thump x (lp only) 45 (SOLD) Women- public strain (clear) 18 Women- rarities 12 Wu lyf- go tell fire on the mountain 165
  14. Who knows, but this was a big ol’ letdown in my book. It took effort to get through, and it’s a pretty short album.
  15. This bored the ever loving shit out of me and has no sense of identity and even less cohesion. Oof.
  16. Turnover was my first thought! I’m here for this. edit- wow fuck bullmoose. Way to shit in like a decade of good will in one afternoon. they been fucking up orders and not fulfilling preorders left and right lately anyway.
  17. Box got delivered a couple months ago but have been on the road doing vagrant shit. Had a chance to listen through all three and they’re easily the best sounding pressings available of these albums. they’re still mid 2000s metalcore and come with the associated production caveats so take “best sounding” with a grain of salt define sounds the best, nice 👍

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