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  1. Honestly can’t tell if we’re being sarcastic or not at this point...
  2. Yes this is wonderful. Except sister Rosetta. I’m never gonna be convinced using the phrase white boy hype works in any context
  3. Holy wow that is bad. This is crazy too. How they gonna justify $100 for a vhs tape smh
  4. This is why I’m loving these deluxe sets. I have old copies of most of their releases, but it’s nice to get a shiny new copy with a new mix and a hefty bit of extras
  5. Well this is a super easy buy for me. I’m always hesitant about new mixes of classics but that version of Something is smooooooth
  6. Listened to this randomly cause why not and.. oof.
  7. This album has Corey screaming and dudes beating the shit out of trash cans. im here for it
  8. It’s Friday, I’m bored at work, and you’re getting really upset about it... but mostly: Do you truly believe your local FYE is the only place in the world in the know about a limited variant for this release?
  9. aS a ToOl FaN, you should be more enlightened and know the intricacies of grammar, the golden ratio, and punctuation. EDIT: Jesus dude, quit with the double and triple posts. No one cares that much about what you have to say. Do you see anyone else doing that? I don't even do it and I'm fucking delightful and no one wants to see me double or triple posting.
  10. It would have absolutely fit on a 7" cut at 33rpm. Could've even done it on a 45 if they didn't include that useless cover. I think. I don't know, don't listen to me. I do know it could've fit on SOME KINDA 7"
  11. Well this is infuriating to me. Follow is easily the best thing they've written since Exoplanet, but the rest is so fucking boring... These guys obviously have the potential to make a great album with their current schtick, but they reallllly need someone to work QC and tell them that throwing a couple screams in there isn't admitting defeat.
  12. I’d have buyers remorse too if I paid $30 for two and a half boring songs and a cover. I miss Exoplanet.
  13. Is it too late to ask what illuminated robot one entails? I looked back a page or two and didn’t see anything and google didn’t help either
  14. I’m hoping I do! I definitely enjoyed Aenima and there’s plenty of albums that took multiple listens to click with me, and went on to become some of my absolute favorite albums ever. Loveless was just noise to me once upon a time, after all! I’m thinking these albums are probably part of that subset, these fuckers are dense so I can only imagine further listens will only allow them to really show themselves. Once I’m familiar with them enough I probably will throw a tab or two back and give them a go
  15. Followed, I like fellow sad ppl. Justin- Nothing is THE shit. you don’t dick ride everything they put out cause your taste IS shit. Seems simple to me.
  16. What the fuck did you call me you toxic piece of cuck shit?
  17. I’m trying to mention tool at least once a page so that doesn’t happen!!
  18. But but he actually used to like you! Doesn’t that just tear you apart inside? anyways since this IS a tool thread and I’m done crying about the internet meanies, I listened to Aenima and it was pretty cool but I’m not having the transcendental experiences others seem to have. I’m gonna give lateralus a whirl today. maybe a couple tabs of lsd will get me there... edit- hey Justin, two wrongs don’t make a right, but they definitely make you a fuckin asshole who went all in on personal attacks after someone said you didn’t add anything to discussions.