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  1. Fucking flipper shitheads! Taking advantage of us who missed out! I’m so pissed! Nah I’m just kidding. Bought 4. Greatest thread of ALL TIME
  2. They’re probably using tracking and delivery confirmation to cover their own ass during these trying times. I’d message the seller and ask if there are other options, if you’re willing to increase the risk of waiting longer or losing the package to save some of the cost.
  3. I’ve sent two packages from NS, Canada to the US in early April (FL and CA) that took 7-8 days. One more to CA in early May that took 7 days. And one to Germany in early May that took 6 days. Absolutely no change in delivery times from normal situations. On the other hand, I’m waiting on records I ordered from the UK eight weeks ago. And the PUSA is off the map as well. Fuck I hate this.
  4. I’ll be the helpful one in this thread. No, there isn’t. No, I’m not. A+
  5. Frig sakes, I was thinking in the back of my mind, that looks really similar to the ivory/white/black split... I gotta stop killing my own brain cells. Looks like I only have two left.
  6. Some variants of this record look pretty cool. I have the Hot Topic one, which is just beautiful, while the yellow in clear looks like a raw egg. That would have made a sweet Killing Time variant. Wish KT would get a repress instead of this.
  7. That... was... amazing. Most successful epic bump EVER.
  8. I’m not assuming it is, I’m asking if it might be. I can’t rightfully sell a used record if it’s still available new for less.
  9. Is this indefinitely on back order now? I’d like to sell my used copy for what I paid but that would be more than 22.98. Don’t wanna look greasy.
  10. Two good songs in a row! This might actually be a solid rock record like EWBAITE. Which means I may actually check it out. Plus that blue GITD vinyl looks pretty cool.
  11. The decade literally just started. That’s a pretty fucking low bar.
  12. I went on a little spree recently and bought all the 7” singles from the Good Mourning and Crimson eras. All very cheap from the UK, surprisingly. I don’t own many others, but this little collection is my favourite!
  13. I’d wager the tour is cancelled. Bayside and Senses Fail cancelled their tour for around the same time as well. Basically, summer 2020 has been cancelled. 😩
  14. @danny Bottom pop up ads are a plague again on mobile today. They come up every page, every time. Refreshing the page doesn’t kill them. The X is too damn small to tap without getting redirected to the ad page. HALP