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  1. @famousburro is selling a black copy of The Fire, but he has it listed on eBay for $500, soooo... duke it out I guess
  2. Rarewaves on eBay. I got Billy Talent III for about $23 with free shipping, and if stock doesn’t move quickly they slash prices. I got OLP’s Naveed for $13. Both MOV releases.
  3. These are also listed on the bay and discogs (user: noseatbelt.88) for reference. I’ll obviously let them go cheaper here, just shoot me a pm and we’ll talk. SENSES FAIL - If There Is Light, It Will Find You - 2018, Electric Blue with Grey and White Splatter /300 - Sealed, Mint - asking $45; bundle with a sealed Speak The Truth... 7” on Coke Bottle Clear for $60 PARAMORE BUNDLE: All We Know Is Falling - 2013, Teal/White Opaque Marble /500 - M/NM Riot! - 2019, Orange /3 billion - M/M Brand New Eyes - 2013, Yellow/Black Marble /1800, NM/NM Asking $200 I’m in Canada, so sadly expedited shipping is $18 to the US no matter how many records you buy. Sorry. Fellow Canucks pay $14. Prices in USD. Thanks everyone.
  4. And - I just did a little sleuthing - tug’s last activity occurred on the SAME DAY tuggerball’s account was created. Coincidence...? I think NOT!
  5. I can’t figure out how to embed images anymore, but: https://imgur.com/a/zc1yuMj That’s over $51 CAD. I declare myself the winner of the price-gouge-victim wars.
  6. Calm down, tuggerball. People getting sick and dying is a little more of a concern than a new USED record getting sent out on time.
  7. I spent this winter going back and filling in the gaps of my Alk3 collection. I re-listened to everything and can honestly say that these guys can do no wrong. I can also report that my bank account is now empty. I might not buy this 7” cause it’ll probably cost me $20 or something stupid, but I will buy it digitally for $3 to crank to 11 in my apartment while practicing social distancing!
  8. Aww man, I was just aiming for light-hearted fun. I see the abuse you get on these boards and I’m not about that. I truly appreciate your efforts - I’ve scored a lot of good records thanks to you. The fact you haven’t stopped trying speaks volumes!
  9. This has been up for pre-order on SRC’s site for like a week. Where the hell have you been, dude?!
  10. Anyone know what this is then? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114081185608 I’m genuinely confused.
  11. Actual question - does this album come with a digital download that’s any good? I remember Dead Reflection had shitty 160kbps mp3s...
  12. I’m really having trouble with this album. I think I expected a Silverstein-flavoured Interrobang (cause that album fucken SLAPS) but it just isn’t even remotely as satisfying. Too much filler, which is a first for these guys. A couple copies of the purple smoke variant showed up at my local store, they’re not individually numbered. Just the hype sticker on the front “limited to 850.”