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  1. It’s... clear they had no clue what they were doing?
  2. I don’t know, how much of @thedillon ‘s time have you wasted in this thread alone so far?
  3. This is an excellent, articulate response. Well done. The only words I could come up with were “fuck off.”
  4. I ordered LITSOS from Revolver and DTGL from Le Noise. I also wonder what the outcome of that choice will be. Hope we don’t get fucked.
  5. I just liked three of your posts. I’ll live with the single LP with the other perks you mentioned! This sounds awesome!
  6. IF this ends up being an OA repress, and IF it is the original album, I will buy one. But it damn well better be a 2xLP this time!
  7. Dear Dine Alone: If you’re this desperate for money, repress some fucking City & Colour albums. Sincerely, Everyone
  8. Mine sounds perfectly fine. White is your only option unless you have a cool grand to drop on the LP box set.
  9. Do you have cameras hidden in my home or something? And actchyually, I started with the second pressing of DEJA. Duh. 🤣
  10. ^ That is such a gorgeous colour. Wish I was dumb enough to buy two copies of this album.
  11. I know... I’ve spent the last 3 days just scouring the site for rarities and hard to buy stuff. Dark days ahead 😢

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