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  1. I sure hope so. The second hand market for this record is FUCKED.
  2. How fast does a black/white swirl record have to spin before it looks grey?? Answer: No Idea. Seriously though, I couldn’t pull the trigger on this yesterday so I’m holding out for a black version. I’d be happy with that, seeing as my dream of clear with one piece of red splatter won’t be realized.
  3. Three pretty good songs and two REALLY BAD songs. I would listen to side A only. Still probably gonna buy it. Maybe.
  4. My order email says 7/8/2020 (subject to change).
  5. Okay, even I think this is going a bit too far. Where is Juan? It’s time to lock this thread.
  6. Shudder is awesome, though. I spent about that much on Killing Time on cream and don’t regret it one bit.
  7. I agree completely. Fools and their money are soon parted... I’d much rather spend my $35 on that 30 Seconds to Mars reissue. 🙄
  8. Hopeless can do a swirl well. I have TWY No Closer to Heaven on Blue/Burgundy and TBS Tidal Wave on Turquoise/White that both look fantastic. This one looks like shit.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/5hm0rjX No updates from tracking, but this surprise showed up today. Appears to be in fine shape. Whew! Looks awesome with some light behind it. Added a picture.
  10. Yes, I wouldn’t want to expose myself to the DANGER of spending my money on a Used record that doesn’t exist. Thank you so much for warning me!
  11. Page not found. What did it look like? Did you photosh- I mean, take a screenshot?
  12. Clear is for the water through which the light refracts to produce the rainbow. Or something.