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  1. Any variant pressed by Mightier Than Sword or SRCVinyl is safe. They’re the best quality imo but pricey depending on the variant. Universal pressings from 2016 on black are all safe, I believe. Avoid any variant issued through Hot Topic, and the 2019 edition that’s the topic of this thread.
  2. Yeah, the last two releases were produced and distributed independently by the band. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pre-ordered from the evil SRC ($27, or cheaper than $21 converted to CAD). The Canadian site is good for getting things out on time that SRC don’t press themselves. I’m not worried...
  3. YAAAAS. Beyond excited for this. I have the remastered CD set from 2004 and it sounds just fine. I’m sure the vinyl will come out beautifully!
  4. Most of my purchases are forced to be one record at a time, from the US, due to availability. Average shipping cost this year is $18, at a 1.37x exchange rate. Usually doubles the price of any given record. The only relief I have is Rarewaves on eBay and Pop Market on discogs. Buying this OLP album locally for $30 CAD is a relative steal.
  5. Well this is a pleasant surprise! Just brought it home from my local shop. https://imgur.com/a/uQZMp55
  6. Nah they just press and distribute one variant without a limit (i.e. too fucken many). Or black.
  7. Better not be any 3x10” bullshit, we all know how blasphemous that would be
  8. Genuine question: if the album was complete enough to release onto Apple Music, why the hell were they making us wait until May to hear it? That’s an archaic way to roll out an album, as if we listen to the radio waiting for a new single to climb up and fall off the charts every three months like it’s 1997. I know vinyl release delays are not a valid reason to hold back an entire release in other formats. /rant
  9. I know, I was just quoting the era surrounding the first five Reprise albums. The Lookout! era was a fine time as well.
  10. I lurked here for years... finally made an account to join the circle jerk that was ripping on tug... just in time for him to disappear. I was heartbroken
  11. I just want to point out the acronym for this album’s title is FOAM. Good way to describe filler. Holy fuck this is bad... with the exception of Sugar Youth. I wouldn’t kick that out of bed for eating crackers. Once.
  12. I’m really surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet... blood-filled vinyl. https://www.discogs.com/The-Flaming-Lips-The-Flaming-Lips-And-Heady-Fwends/release/4574588 Really not worth the headache.