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  1. Looking for clear blue. I variant collect this band like an asshole.
  2. Here's a little peek into my sad life: I've been on VC all morning except the exact hour that this went up and sold out, jesus christ. What kind of demon do I have to sell my soul to to not miss these things in such a stupid way. Third time this has happened. If anyone has an extra clear blue and wants to do me and my Circa collection a solid, I'll scoop it off ya.
  3. backpackoat

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    OK obviously doing this while they were having issues was not a good idea. The receipts are slowly coming in. I've now been charged $440 for 4 bundles! Everyone check your accounts!
  4. backpackoat

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    The descriptors don't match, I wonder which one is the actual vinyl people will receive. Picture says splatter, the sidebar says stripe.
  5. backpackoat

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    Oh real cute... it charged me twice. See if they'll let me cancel one of these orders
  6. backpackoat

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    damn, my fold was all screwed up. good thing the cover is horrific anyway or i'd be upset
  7. Just got mine in. The picture came out dark but it's surprisingly very faithful to the mockup. Gorgeous record. EDIT: Am I doing something wrong that this picture looks blurry until you click on it?
  8. backpackoat

    PO - Wild Nothing - Indigo

    Can't wait for this
  9. I'm loving this album. Perch Patchwork I think will always be my favorite but this is a massive step up from Beware in my opinion.
  10. This was a cool surprise. Hopefully it's good!
  11. backpackoat

    PO: CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (May 25th)

    So this is the super special spray painted cover: Insert deaddovedonoteat.gif
  12. Represses of Wintersleep's first three records, Wintersleep, Untitled, and Welcome to the Night Sky have finally been repressed. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/wintersleep The colored variants are limited to just 150 apiece, so get on it before their social media accounts post about it! Otherwise, black vinyl doesn't seem to be limited and is 180g. All records come with a 7 inch of b-sides. Shipping absolutely sucks if you're in the USA. Ships in May. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Wintersleep album March 4, 2016. Preorders include either black or pink/green split vinyl, shirts, prints, cassettes, or some combination thereof. Released by Dine Alone. Unfortunately the vinyl doesn't ship until after the release date. https://wintersleep.store-08.com/pre-order/ First song released, Amerika: Sounds so good. Really excited for this one. Love the album art too.
  13. Back in the day when Equal Vision was a go-to label, I would buy so much stuff from them that they'd send me little goodies in the mail every so often (or maybe they just did that with everyone). One time I got an orange Drunk Like Bible Times keychain bottle opener that I've had on my keyring for 10 years now. I've never listened to the album and I don't even drink. I will never take it off.
  14. Damn that video is tight
  15. backpackoat

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    God I hate the practice of keeping vinyl gated behind shitty bundles SO MUCH
  16. backpackoat

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    What a dumbass website. I was refreshing since 9 this morning and it just kept saying 'maintenance' only to find out you have to click that particular link above for it to work. By the time I get there the bundle is sold out so I have to buy them all separate, then by the time I finish that purchase the bundle is back in stock and all the separate records are showing out of stock. Its a ~$4 difference but how stupid. Oh well, at least I caught it before it sold out completely.
  17. Kenneth Vasoli of Vacationer is releasing another perfect summer album, Mindset, on June 22. Can be preordered at https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/vacationer Hop on it NOW if you want a test press, there were five available and only one left now. Other packages include standard black vinyl or a double LP with instrumentals limited to 500.
  18. Richard Edwards has a new album, Verdugo, out June 1, 2018. Three different vinyl options; black, red, and a neat hand-numbered tri-color gated behind a $75 package. http://richardedwards.bigcartel.com/ or https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/products/verdugo First single, Minefield
  19. backpackoat

    PO NOW: Richard Edwards - Verdugo

    New song, Howlin' Heart, can be heard on this weirdo website: http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/buzzing-daily/richard-edwards-howlin-heart Amazing
  20. The version of this album that's on Spotify is censored... I didn't even know they still did that for albums, much less for this type of band. Annoying
  21. Here are my thoughts on the album. I hated it at first listen, which is why I said what I said. I woke up the next morning, however, and the first thing in my head strangely was the chorus to I Gave Up, so I gave it another chance. I've been listening to it a lot since. The album is not terrible, it's just not the record I was expecting as I prefer a much heavier Underoath. The choruses are really catchy, which is weird to say, and I find myself having them stuck in my head a lot. Chris is the clear standout on the album. His synths and whatever you want to call it are really well done. I'm very disappointed that the guitarwork is mostly absent on this record and there are only a couple standout riffs. I was wary about Aaron being back in the band because I was liking the band without his vocals a little more, but I think he's used very well on this album. His vocals blend better than they did in the past and he's used more as an accent than a secondary vocalist. The first song on the album is my favorite. If the whole record was like that song, this would possibly be my favorite album by them. Great hook, awesome guitars, beautiful keys, and the scream at the end makes my blast my stereo every time. It's got everything. Awesome stuff. The closing track is super strong too, it's my second favorite. This isn't my favorite album by Underoath, but I think if they use this album as a stepping stone towards the next one, and hone their new hookier side and pair it with more of the atmosphere and guitarwork they used to be so good at, that could be a really really good album. 3.5/5
  22. backpackoat

    Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    Everyone that I had on my team has posted, I guess Lauren's list needs to be confirmed which I don't have access to. Do you know who is missing?
  23. New variant for those who missed the first batch, clear with white splatter/700 https://shop.theglitchmob.com/products/see-without-eyes-b-w-splash-2lp-set