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    davepriz reacted to museummouth in New Bright Eyes Album 2020   
    Have to hard disagree with that list. 
    worst to best
    Peoples Key
    Digital Ash
    Fevers and Mirrors
    Letting Off The Happiness
    Wide Awake
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    davepriz reacted to Derek™ in PO SOON : Refused - War Music -10/18   
    This album can't possibly be good, can it?
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    davepriz reacted to Karpatenhunde77 in Best Ever Math Rock Album   
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    davepriz reacted to lethalenforcer in Ambient Related Releases (Drone, Field Recording, Neo-Classical, Experimental)   

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    davepriz reacted to Derek™ in PO Now: Daughters- You Won't Get What You Want   
    The truest commitment to that album title.
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    davepriz reacted to Fowty Dollaz in PO: The Offspring- Americana 20th anniversary   
    Yeah, but "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" is easily the best song. Ever.
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    davepriz reacted to Derek™ in PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow   
    It’s seriously so good.  First listen had me thinking it was going to be one of their densest records and require the most time to digest, but it’s all clicked very well into place over the last week or two.
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    davepriz reacted to holyvacantsholyhell in PO NOW: MONO - Nowhere Now Here (out 1/25/19)   
    Wish they'd buckle down and write something worthwhile instead of churning out substandard imitations of their own shtick. Listening now but not exactly hopeful. Pretty art and variant though.
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    davepriz reacted to Satan in PO Now: Daughters- You Won't Get What You Want   
    To be honest, after hell songs I've been wanting to slide back into the Canada Songs era. I remember as the sun sets, and caught a few Fucking Invinsible sets... and just want something more intense.
    I mean I hear slight snippets of guitars that make my eyes googly, but keep me disappointed after a build up.
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    davepriz reacted to rcafilm in P.O. NOW MewithoutYou {Untitled} EP & LP   
    Earlier this year I saw these guys at the start of their tour and they mentioned they had just been in the studio and recorded way too many songs and weren't sure what to do with them. So it makes sense that the EP sounds a lot like a B-Sides album. Totally decent tunes, but they don't grab me like a mwY album does. I'm very glad to have them, but I'm much more excited for the LP.
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    davepriz reacted to KingTacoMunster in P.O. NOW MewithoutYou {Untitled} EP & LP   
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    davepriz reacted to ejc625 in P.O. NOW MewithoutYou {Untitled} EP & LP   
    Meh. Can’t get into the EP really at all. Love “Julia” though. Gonna hold off for now I think. 
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    davepriz reacted to dapeebs in PO: Minus the Bear - Fair Enough EP (and final tour)   
    I’m hoping for some Sharks Keep Moving and State Route 522.
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    davepriz reacted to Derek™ in PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow   
    Trailer sounds great.  They played one of these tracks in Jamuary when they toured with Converge and it was killer.
    Thrill Jockey appear to have changed the variant description on the dropdown, for what it’s worth.
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    davepriz got a reaction from forgeagain in PO: Dakota/Dakota - Shoot in the Dark+ LP reissue - members of Russian Circles, RLYR, Bloodiest, etc.   
    Wow - never expected this. Grabbed quickly!
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    davepriz reacted to Tommy in Kanye West - The Life of Pablo   
    Award for most yeezy line goes to: "I love yo titties cause they proof I could focus on two things at once"
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    davepriz reacted to jack8urt0n in PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences   
    Can confirm.
    10k pressing of the green.
    2.5k went to stores.
    1.5k went to various upholsterers in Belgium.
    1k to Outpost 31 in Antarctica.
    1k to Nick Alt.
    1k to the band, but they got high and lost them.
    1k hidden inside used Bay City Rollers albums
    750 sent on a weather balloon into space
    500 to Piggly Wiggly locations in West Virginia
    500 were incinerated immediately to forge a new throne for Jack
    The remaining 250 were pressed without a B side, So Jack will put those up as rare for $420 next week.
    Hope this helps.
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    davepriz reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences   
    This thread is fucking terrible.
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    davepriz reacted to DecayToDeath in PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences   
    When I said "wide" I meant it would be carried by all the usual suspects that carry normal TMR stuff (for example, it's up on BullMoose now). I wanna assume that it would be available in non-US retail spots, but I can't really verify that, I'm just guessing.
    Unrelated but anyone else think it's kinda funny that literally every Sleep release is on a different label? (Not to mention the Dopesmoker reissue adds Southern Lord to that list).

  20. Haha
    davepriz reacted to KingTacoMunster in DEAFHEAVEN - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love   
    its hard to gauge outcomes in live videos tho...so I was wondering from personal experience. also don't know if I could take watching George for the whole show...
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    davepriz reacted to Prestonlanes in Sunn O))) - Southern Lord 20th Anniversary   
    It’s be great if it were the Brooklyn show where they blew the power and included the 45minutes of the band(s) trying to figure out what to do (sides B & C)
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    davepriz reacted to youspinmeround in The Men- Drift- Release Date 3/2   
    Well I can certainly cross this album off the list of things to buy
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    davepriz reacted to elvismcvegas in Sunn O))) - Southern Lord 20th Anniversary   
    More weed themed dopesmoker variants. Like shatter clear yellow or keef colored green with yellow haze. 
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    davepriz reacted to john in The Men- Drift- Release Date 3/2   
    that song is not what I expected and not in a good way
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    davepriz got a reaction from Derek™ in [SOON] Toundra – (IV) – 01/26   
    Seeing this compliment like 3 years late haha. I also haven't updated my list since then but thanks man! Been a long time viewer and casual poster and always enjoy your involvement and presence here!