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  1. Same. I'm bored with Gumbo-core. I love that Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky have been comfortable exploring new territory. I skip over a lot of post-rock these days.
  2. Is that really the unpopular opinion? I always thought people were so-so on Rave Tapes. Personally, I love it, but it definitely has moments that I skip over depending on my mood. The volume on my stereo can never go loud enough for Remurdered... Something about HWNDBYW makes me need to be in a very specific mood for it. Sometimes when I pop it on it feels like some of their best work, and other times it just doesn't connect. ECS though is wow every time for me. I have the same feeling about the early albums. I wasn't trying to be down on them, I just wish people would open up a little on the post-"post-rock" Mogwai.
  3. Comparing first listens, I think I like Dry Fantasy more than the premiere of Coolverine. I love that song now in context of the album, and it gives me chills. I can see them putting some noisier/heavy elements on this too based on the art. I know a lot of people clamor for the delay-heavy crescendo post-rock of their earlier material, but I honestly think Mogwai get better and better with every release. Their album-crafting is top notch. Three years into Every Country's Sun, and I still can't get enough of that record.
  4. The Demos have been on 12"s, but Rave Tapes and ECS (if you count the Eternal Panter 7" that came with some orders) had bonus tracks on 7"s as well. I did listen to the single, and I really enjoyed it. It is nothing revolutionary, but it's solid, has a great vibe, and feels both in line with recent material and new at the same time. I'm looking forward to hearing it in context of the album.
  5. I just checked my email history. ECS was $5 cheaper. Maybe the demos could have fit on a 7", but it's Mogwai, so I'm not expecting them to be 3 minutes long. I'd rather have them sound good spread over a 12". I revisit ECS and Rave Tapes all the time. Based on the mock-ups, I'm guessing this will be comparable in size to the ECS box.
  6. I don't think the price is unreasonable. All of their box sets have been really solid. $59 shipped for a 2xLP, an exclusive 12", a CD, a book, inside a sturdy box with lovely art is a bargain IMO. I have never regretted buying a Mogwai box. Especially compared to some of the ridiculous prices for double LPs that I see people throwing money at *cough*coheed*cough*
  7. Ordered the boxset without hesitation. Can't wait!
  8. and don't let Dan be the only guy checking tests! Mr. Reliable Turtable... I have a middle of the road (Thorens) table with a similarly broken in stylus. Maybe its a Goldilocks set up for touchy records
  9. Out of curiosity, how much did you have to adjust your anti-skate? If pretty minor, that seems reasonable to make that recommendation and move on. If pretty drastic, that's another story.
  10. Thanks for clarifying Jeff. I wondered about that. Not sure if this is a win or a loss. Hopefully folks aren't having to overcompensate with tracking adjustments.
  11. It's being reported on the orange variant as well (see FB thread below). Jeff said this regarding reporting the issue: " take a video of it and send it to [email protected]"
  12. Super relieved that my copy doesn't have the problem. I posted a couple pics of my copy on IG: Also, I got shipping notification last night from Steadfast for All Else Failed and Early Recordings
  13. Got mine yesterday. They look great. Can't wait to spin them!