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  1. Yeah that’s where I’m at too, was hoping they’d sell a bigger LP5 band to go over the original box.
  2. Not sure about damaging directly, but I had a hard time pulling them out without touching the grooves as they would stick to the plastic. I put them in some mo-fi inner sleeves and did not put them back in the pockets. As a side note, my zoetrope copy sounded good throughout, with minimal noise, and the 3 animations are pretty cool in person. Glad I picked up this version.
  3. I’ve wondered about that too, since the last 3 albums that already have deluxe sets all have extra music included besides the album.
  4. My order number was low enough to ship in the first set of 250, and I haven’t gotten it or an email yet.
  5. Wondering and hoping that if they do a live in the studio sort of thing that they'll be get some of the guest artists for their respective parts. Wonder what the psalters have been up to all this time?
  6. It's a long story I won't explain, but I have an extra download code for the film Whiplash on iTunes. HF6JPXWRNA3N
  7. Yeah I’m curious where they go from here, if they’ll go back and do A—>B Life since that’s never had a collectors edition or if they’ll keep going chronologically into the releases that have already had them and do A—>B Life last.
  8. How are these available to be sold? I mean, I know what the website name is, but there’s no way these samples are cleared right?
  9. Carrie & Lowell was just a limited clear and an unlimited black release, so this may be the same.
  10. New repress /300 on purple and white available https://theyare68.bandcamp.com/album/in-humor-and-sadness?fbclid=IwAR3Yla6f5kQTHwIuhv6ouClYEiDDAx6D6NcDzBSrfV92vybEYArEq2DhCj4 and https://eoneheavy.com/collections/68?fbclid=IwAR1xPx0wJqMJ6dHbS0_6SuLX1EtH2ehYvJ1KWwdI6tsSfxfEZuYBpXITGPk
  11. This was one of the band’s Razor & Tie releases which is a part a of the Universal conglomerate. Most Tooth & Nail releases prior to 2013 or so are now also part of the same conglomerate, so unfortunately those bands probably aren’t the biggest priority for company to release themselves.
  12. Here's a test press charity auction of That Thing You Do https://www.ebay.com/itm/174254098267
  13. “This VERY limited edition release was remastered-for-vinyl at 33 RPM by Blackbelt Mastering in Seattle” Hope this is the norm going forward with Tooth and Nail/Solid State Releases.
  14. Anybody know if this shipping right away? I’m assuming it would be if it’s vinyl only (for now), not sure why you’d presale it unless they need the funds to press it.
  15. New tour dates with Tigers Jaw, mostly smaller markets. https://mewithoutyou.com/pages/shows
  16. Posthumous release from Richard Swift. https://secretlycanadian.com/record/the-hex/
  17. Dixit and Codenames are really good and not too intimidating for get-togethers with family and friends, instead the likes of Apples to Apples, Scattergories, etc.
  18. Some of my favorites are: Acquire, You place tiles on a grid to build and merge hotel chains that you buy stock in. Dominion, Deck building, also about the only game I've played that's fun for 2 players even though it's designed for more. Carcassonne, Build the board as you go, claim cities, road, and fields to score victory points. The Great Dalmuti, A card game similar to Scum or President, but with awesome artwork and a unique deck structure. King of Tokyo, Dice rolling similar to Yahtzee, with custom dice and asynchronous combat. Revolution, A blind bidding game where you need to use your limited influence strategically. Shadows over Camelot, 7 Player Co-op with the option of a having an unknown traitor actively working against the rest of the players.

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