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This is an European Limited Release.

So I'll doubt you will be able to buy it from an US supplier.


some of these may trickle in to the states. All it takes is someone willing to buy a bulk order. Not unheard of-- I've bought MOV releases over the years in the US but can't be sure if they were 'limited'

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Probably just this color is limited. I'm willing to bet there will be an unlimited black version as there has been for every MOV release in the past 3 years at least.



From the item description:


The first 3000 copies are hand numbered and are pressed on gold/red vinyl.

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There is a 1-in-1 chance of a standard black variant being pressed and being available via Amazon (and the other usual suspects) at about half this price within the year.

Just so you know.

This is true, I picked up Alice in Chains-Dirt that MoV pressed a while back. Got it for something like 18 bucks. I already own the OG press of this so I'll just wait for a black version.

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We have a variant that will go up in the next day or two limited to 1250

We are also shipping the Silver deloused early next week,

Is there still silver copies of deloused available from your website? The listing is kinda confusing cause it says black vinyl on there, and also LTD silver vinyl

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