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PO SOON: The Faceless - Akeldama, Planetary Duality, Autotheism & In Becoming A Ghost

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5 hours ago, Rottengoth said:

No it wasn't hard but I also don't need to explain myself or what I do for work/profession to someone I've never met for the sake of just trying to give people a heads up on maybe seeing some preorders soon. Least you could say is a fucking thank you but I guess your parents raised you without manners, ask them your self when you pay money to see them. you're welcome. 

I could care less what you do for a living but posting here cause you saw something on instagram vs yea i know these guys is a big difference. Thanks for typing something that took you 2 Minutes of your life bro...

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Fun story, I bought three or four copies of Planetary Duality from Soundcheck Hollywood 2012-ish hoping to score both purple and blue variants, when they were all the same I tried to sell them on eBay and had trouble getting rid of them for $20.


Luckily when they value shot up I paid off an entire credit card with them. 

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5 hours ago, Holo said:

Think that Periphery S/T reissue they have been teasing will come in this same series?

I was thinking the same thing. I feel like they've been saving these for this specific occasion. 


God, I've spent so much money on records this month already............DAMN....and there's no way I'm passing these up. 

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