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Misfits & Samhain vinyl discography book series + website + used records shop + instagram

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Web shop:



The first issue will cover Earth A.D. I think it will be out in Nov or Dec.

Follow this page for more info:




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5 minutes ago, NapalmBrain said:

what Misfits record isn't in print currently? (7" aside that are collected on compilations in print) Thanks for posting this, very cool

Most are in press, but the current pressings aren't very good.

In press:

1. Walk Among Us - Rhino - horrible mastering, get 1988 copy (green logo)

2. Earth AD - Caroline - master tapes lost, no remaster, not the best sound

3. Die Die My Darling - Caroline - B-side remastered

4. Legacy of Brutality - Caroline - remastered

5. Evilive - Caroline - remastered

6.  Collection I - remastered

7. Collection II - remastered?

8. Static Age - remastered?

Out of press:


Never pressed:

12 Hits From Hell


As for 7", Bullet, Horror Business, and Halloween are on the two Collection LPs.

Cough/Cool, Night of the Living Dead, and Who Killed Marilyn were never collected on vinyl.

3 Hits From Hell was remixed, so you can't get the original sound on the Collection LPs.

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8 hours ago, jeromium said:

I've avoided buying the current Earth A.D. press because of the artwork misprint. Thought this was going to be a repress too. 

Oh, I see what you all mean. I meant there's going to be a BOOK series on the Misfits VINYL discography. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit the post.

Check out this website:


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