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"Offerings is out in its entirety 1.12.18 on Roll Call Records. In the meantime, the first movement—Floodplains—is available now with visual accompaniment by the talented Nevan Doyle.

If you pre-order a copy of Offerings from our online store, you'll instantly receive the entire Floodplains movement as a download. We've got 1,000 web/tour copies of the album on blood red vinyl."

Limited Edition Blood Red Vinyl /1000
Indie Exclusive Gold Vinyl /1400
Standard Black Vinyl

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16 hours ago, BrainGilliams said:

First Listen available on NPR


I'm super excited to get my vinyl copy....it shipped yesterday.

I have listened to this about 4 times today, I really like it, sounds like its somewhere in between older Typhoon stuff and Kyle's solo stuff.

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I love Typhoon but I'm missing the horns on this record. White Lighter is one of my favorite records ever. This is great but not as immediately gratifying as White Lighter is, also the personal lyrics of White Lighter just killed me. Offerings to me is definitely more of an abstract record. Got my red copy in the mail in Monday but haven't listened to it, only the NPR First Listen.

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