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Sunn O))) - Southern Lord 20th Anniversary

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Hail to you all, our great fans!

In 2018 Sunn O))) is celebrating surviving 20 years ; the band was formed in March 1998 by Greg Anderson & Stephen O'Malley in a practice space in Downtown Los Angeles after reuniting a few years following the Burning Witch story (and a couple of practices and one cancelled show in 1996 in Seattle of a proto-O))) group called Mars).

We share the 20th anniversary with our house Southern Lord Recordings which was also formed in 1998! We are working on preparing several releases for 2018 in celebration. Some reissues and some brand new and never released materials.

So, hey, please answer in the comments and let us know your favourite O))) moment, live or on record, or otherwise, and/or your hidden or not hidden O))) dream/desire. HAIL SABBATH!

…heres some new releases we will be unleashing this year. Not everything as we have a few irons in the fire still etc.. but a preview into what will be going down in 2018 for the Lord!

Sunn O)))
Eagle Twin
The Primals
Jesus Piece

QWrhlY9.jpg jNppnxz.jpg

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On 1/31/2018 at 7:30 PM, EquinoxDesignLab said:

If we could get a reissue of White 1 & 2 or the box set, I would be very happy!


Supposedly, this has been in the works for some time now.
I'd have to go back through my Facebook to confirm, but I want to say that someone from the Sunn camp mentioned a vinyl reissue as far back as this time last year. Maybe earlier.

I'd guess that it was held off to coincide with this year's 20th anniversary. Hopefully, it's the White Box that's reissued.


Personally, I'd love to see reissues of Altar, Angel Coma and an expanded Oracle, with the track Helio)))sophist spread over sides C and D. Also, it's been over two years since Kannon, so I'm looking forward to new material.

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4 hours ago, azvd said:

White 1 and 2 vinyl automatically comes to mind. O'Malley hinted they remastered them last year so those ones are somewhat to be expected.


Altar Live with Boris would probably do a great release.

It’s be great if it were the Brooklyn show where they blew the power and included the 45minutes of the band(s) trying to figure out what to do (sides B & C)

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