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PO Now: Daughters- You Won't Get What You Want

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10 hours ago, RoryEschar said:

This record is my AOTY. Masterpiece.

How hard does it SLAP on a scale of "girlfriend caught me kissing Alyssa under the bleachers" to "mom found out I got suspended from school while she was on the sauce"?

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46 minutes ago, tetsuodaironman said:

What about self-titled?

They did a little instagram Q&A about a month ago and I asked about s/t, their response was:


We have discussed reissues. There's a good chance s/t will be rereleased - not sure about Canada.

So I guess they came around on Canada Songs then. 

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The london fog pressings look great but are a bit variable as far as pressing quality goes. I had to return mine due to fairly bad warps and the replacement was only marginally better. Sound is ok, though a little congested in parts and noisy in some parts. I am picking this was pressed in some mediocre facility. All in all not the greatest vinyl version, I think the digital copy is just as good. The colour is great though. Like mother of pearl. 

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On 11/4/2019 at 10:09 AM, Dude Incredible said:

If that is the tour edition. Does anybody know what version amazon has available for pre order currently?  It is not the standard edition.

I saw the black/white split, it was labeled as that, at my local newburys and London fog is still available so it’s likely one of those two or it could be a new variant. Only clear with black smoke seems to be sold out. 

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