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On 5/7/2016 at 10:18 PM, ReadIsaac said:

How many of the Neck Deep Wishful Thinking splatter variant were pressed for HT?


I think it was /500



15 hours ago, The Butcha said:

Travis is going to have so many notifications when the "@ Travis" gets out of control one day.


Any word on when the new Modern Baseball will be available?


Also, ETID.

MB should be up online Friday.





15 hours ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

Hey Travis, do you think Chung King Can Suck It will be getting a HT exclusive splatter repress soon?

Working on it right now


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6 hours ago, Cuttlefishprince said:

Strange request but I really want to own Soul Punk by Patrick Stump. Any possibility for a repress?

Nothing happening with that album and HT


3 hours ago, kyle071893 said:

I'm not sure if anyone else is but I'm so stoked that Boys Like Girls' self titled record is finally getting pressed. Not gonna lie, I hope there's an HT exclusive for it tho. Would love to see a splatter variant.


Any chance HT will get a pressing, Travis? 

No HT exclusive


1 hour ago, jose said:

HT variant of the new DGD coming out this friday travis?

No HT exclusive

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13 hours ago, tagruato said:

Swung by the Fashion Square Mall shop in Orlando to see what I could get during the Buy 2 Get 1 sale, and they told me their location hasn't sold vinyl in over a year. Oh well. I'll check out Stonebriar in Frisco, TX while I'm in TX next week.

Trust me - go to town east in mesquite. They have two big boxes in the back filled with stuff. Hubby got like 12 records there. They're b1g at that location too. 

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1 hour ago, rogeoa8 said:

the code from April is still working for $15 off $50:




Also, damn you hot topic. I got the new Pierce the Veil album and the Jungle Book picture disc and the total came out to $49.80. So I went to clearance and added a $0.99 turtle necklace to get the discount haha If that somehow causes it not to be shipped in a proper mailer I'll be pissed haha

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