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Im pretty much out of space and had to remove all my records that i didnt listen to that much (mostly my parents collection) and store them in a box in the closet.

I have been thinking about saving for one of those huge Ikea expidit (whatever they are called) with the room for a flatscreen tv. I have a few more months until one opens here in town.



And the keeper of my vinyl


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You have like 10 albums, and 200 records.

Finally have a camera that will at least take a viewable photo, so I thought I would share some pics. Speaker placement is not ideal, but it is a work in progress.    

This topic is giving me such a woody.   I collected fiercely in the 1990s, in retrospect the best time possible since everybody was dumping LPs. I'd spend $100 or $200 at Jerry's in Pittsbur

8...2 I bought when that box was "found"...the other 6 a friend just gave me for $10. He was so pissed about the whole debaucle that he pretty much was disgusted to have them. He offered them and asked me to name a price...I joked $10 and he said 'done!"...so $10 for 6 copies...I'll flip them on eBay eventually..

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Guest scriptedrain

No offense, but your friend is an idiot. lol... He could easily get twice that for just one. I can understand being pissed, but put 'em in the back of the closet and earn some money off your anger. Why did he have 6 of them anyway (because it obviously wasn't to flip them)?

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I told him he was an idiot...and he just laughed it off. He's not a fan of the band at all and he was going to try and flip them...even more so when he (along with everyone else) was under the impression that they were first pressings...that is until we found out the truth behind these.

Oh well...his loss will be my potential gain.

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Yep, 10 pack. The only thing I don't like about them is that they have flaps which fold inside the handle (and are needed for better stability) that annoyingly poke the first and last 7".

Can't you just fold them outside the box? Granted they'd look pretty stupid.

in any record box, i always put a cardboard square the size of the record on each end of the box

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