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    At last night's show, Dustin said the repress had new colors and looked "better than the original." I'm ready.
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    Yeah these guy are better than crap bag, nicely packed ships from Carlsbad Ca (right up the road from me) pretty sure it's the same team that ran it in the Hesitations Marks/ How To Destroy Angels days A+ from me bye bye Crap Bag. Slipmat:
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    If it’s even remotely possible to F something up, some American will find a way to do it.
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    I'll release full press info on Wednesday after the order is placed!
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    Yeah it's not like one dude pressed 200 and is selling them for $100+ each or something. People are investing their money and selling these at a normal retail price. That's not flipping.
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    The band said "We want you to do this" Pressing an album requires thousands of dollars. Not $20 so you can turn around and sell it for 2-10x that so...uh...not really seeing a point here.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

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    I’ve waited this long, there’s no way I’m letting my first exposure be a guy recording some flexis.
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    Very interested in making an offer on this but only if you’re willing to discuss the price over Skype webcam. PM me for details.
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    Been asking myself that for years
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    I think Gotta Groove is just protecting themselves. I’m sure they will press these records, I think they just need direct approval from the band and not just hearsay from the Internet.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    -Ernest Hemingway
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    1 dead horse
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    Any tease as to how many copies have sold?
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    Day 4 bump for Greenway version, on Tuesday the sale will end and the press will go OOP http://greenwayrecords.storenvy.com/products/22300512-king-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland-pre-order
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    Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    No no i understood your question. You have to buy the album twice to get the full album, which is kind of stupid. I will probably never listen to the ambient stuff. and i just literally realized I spent $75 on one album. lol. Fuck me. I hate life.
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    You need to look at prices again. There are copies selling for WAY more than cost.
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    Bruce Willis is right though. There is no comparison to labels 'taking' the music (which was freely given) and pressing records and making profit, to flippers. The way things are playing out is almost exactly what King Gizzard wanted - 'giving' the album to the public to do with as they will. I'm also not seeing the connection to flippers. And you bet your ass this release will do NOTHING to stop or ward off flippers.
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    Labels profit off of bands. Most of the time because they invest in the band. Either through advertising, funding recording, fronting money, and giving them a percentage. This band said "Fuck it, here's everything. Anyone can sell this." It still requires an investment, it's just that band is foregoing any involvement I'm not seeing how that's the same as buying a record for $20 and selling it for $200
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    Thanks for posting that, not my cup of tea, now I don't feel bad for missing it, haha
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    I would like to see what some of those die hard anti-flippers out there think of this release whats worse people buying the record from the band and then flipping it for profit or labels freely taking the record from the band and selling them for a profit?
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    Picture disc?!?!?
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    Rosetta- Galilean satellites

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    GOBBLE for 15%
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    For new stuff there isn't really anywhere I would recommend going out of your way to that would be cheaper than the west end places. Circus is a neat shop, I met the owner once at a house party and he seemed like a nice guy. Kops has an outlet near Danforth/Coxwell that seems more geared the used collector market. Discovery and In The Groove are pretty close to each other in Leslieville and worth a visit if you're into older used stuff. Tiny Record Shop sells new stuff, but you can usually find it cheaper at Sonic or Rotate. I actually just started up my own shop at Queen/Parliament called Voltage Drop Records if you're ever in the area as well.
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    https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/ironandwine/products/archive-series-no-4-limited-edition-pink-lp It’s Pink instead of Orange, but the tunes are the same.
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    2 copies of ADD Violence are in the store now maybe with slipmat?
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I was hoping it was going to be real self aware / meta and it wasn't. I think it had a clever idea somewhere in there, it was just very poorly implemented. Also - not specifically horror, but I saw My Friend Dahmer over the weekend and thought it was great. Very dark and uncomfortable.
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    Because when you copy a link from a newsletter it'll typically include tracking bits. Actual URL is https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/reputation-taylor-swift/31706232?ean=0843930033157
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    god I hope not.
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    They’re trying to make it happen. Just at this moment in time, it’s a no go till they get a little more info. I hope it works out.
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    Oh gawd, fuck it, picked this up. It's just too damn sexy not to!
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    Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    haha fuck, forget it....shipping to Germany for the boxset is $47....so, $117 in total + tax I hope some EU distro gets this...
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    Think this is been up for a few days, but new Mamiffer Live CS. Also, looks like Sige switched to bigcartel and shipping is reasonable! http://sige.bigcartel.com/product/mamiffer-recordings-for-lilac-iii @drds89 @jhulud @GHOSTDRONES
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    Han Solo

    Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    I’m not sure if this is already posted in the OST thread, but here’s the soundtrack for season seven. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075LFTGHX/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_c8JdAbBRYR76M
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    Samesies. Something about my waist to muffin top ratio.
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    Sorry if this is spamming. I will clear my previous post. I have been keeping this since page six and been trying to keep it full of exclusives only. Blood Music appears to be a distributor to other sites so if you see other sites selling this supplied by Blood Music (I have seen several so far) I chose not to include them because it's a duplicate, basically. This is very similar to first post, which is copied from the Reddit continuing megaguide here. I have included some cassette releases because I like tapes, CD releases aren't represented here. I took some liberty organizing because VC Community comes first. Free Download Of The Album VC Pressing by Ethereal Mystery Variant - Numbered Unique Hand-Pour - 100 Digger's Factory (EU) Plain Black 140g (now numbered!) (only 1 € preorder!) - almost 2000 Stolen Body Records All sold out Ogre green with Blue, yellow, red and black Splatter - 250 (Sold Out) Tri Color (Transparent Red, Mellow Yellow (Opaque) and Blue Monday (Opaque) - 250 (Sold Out) Crumbling Castle Edition - Frosted Clear With Castle Grey And Blood Red - 250 (Sold Out) Wanaland (Half 'Blue Monday' Half 'Mellow Yellow' with Blood Red Splatter) - 100 ("Final" Edition) (Sold Out) PIAPTK (Solid Gold) - Thirty Six Seconds From Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever Eularian Circle Disc 7" - 20 1.8 second locked grooves of random segments from the album - 100 (Sold Out) Loyalty Press 250 blue/red split with white splatter (Aus) (Sold Out) Fuzz Club Version 1 -100 (Sold Out) Version 2 - 100 (Sold Out) Version 3 - 300 Black Cassette - ?? Too Many Records / Vinyl Moon Non Profit Kickstarter (RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Polygon Nebula Wax Mage - 25 (Sold Out) Wizard Blob Hand Poured - 100 (Sold Out) Teal - 400 Salty Dog (AUS) Test Pressing - 1 (Sold out) Lava Lamp Splatter (180 Gram Green with Hot Pink and Purple Splatter) - 50 (Sold Out) Inner Cell Splatter (Half Yellow Half Blue in Quarters with Black Splatter) - 50 Half Red / Half Blue - 150 Nomad Eel (pressed by Gotta Groove, the wax mage guys, not certain that these are Wax Mage records) Glow-In-The-Dark w/ red, yellow, blue splatter - Inverse Art - 100 (Sold Out) Jett Plastic (pressed by Gotta Groove, the wax mage guys, not certain that these are Wax Mage records) Gold w/ Teal Splatter - Inverse Art - 100 The Same Ghost -Hand-numbered Ultra-Matte cover (Looks sorta sepia, alternate cover) Clear Vinyl with pink blob and orange/black splatter - 250 Greenway Records Red / Blue Split / Splatter - Pressed based on number of orders. Test Pressing - ??? (Sold Out) Needle Juice Records Crumbling Polycolour - 600 (Sold Out) The Fourth Colour (half red, half blue with green/yellow splatter) - 400 Cassette - 200 Fishbum Records (Montreal) One side clear, one side black Lathe Cut - 50 Pocket Cat Records Lathe cut into a laser disc - confirmed to be single disc at $25. - estimated to be out of 10 Blood Music (appears to be supplying to other sites) Yellow / Blue splatter - ? Blue - ? Red - ? Yellow - ? Constantrotation (UK) (steep shipping comparatively) Numbered Splatter Press - 100 "Goblin Cock" - 100 "Acrid Corpse" - 100 Mystic Liquid Inner Cell (transparent red with yellow splatter) - 300 Double A-Side Records (UK) Yellow / Purple Split - 100 (not yet funded, 'promises' to return money if target not met - option for including your name on the back) All Things Loud (EU) Violet - 500? Blood Orange - 500? Marble White - 500? Exag Records (EU) Solid Yellow - 300 Strangeworld Records (AUS) Invertebrate Inevitability - 500 Tectonic Collision - 500 Cranes Records Black outer sleeve with silver lamination, 180G Black - 500 Rhubarb Records (and XVinylX) Mystery vinyl - Heavyweight Silver Foil Laminate Gatefold Sleeve, 'Psychedelic Spot UV Printing, Hidden Artwork' - 500 Analog Love (EU) Color vinyl, 10 € preorder - 250 Phwoar And Peace Heavyweight Black And Red - 300 Oracle Records Blue vinyl - 150 Rough Trade (UK) 5 Variants - Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink, all - 100 Qrates link for Strawberry Vinyl by Haunted Attic Records (no other info I could find as it doesn't supply much, at your own risk here) - 200 Warhen Records Black wax, hand stamped center labels, unique artwork - 250 Shuga Records Clear vinyl, comes with glow in the dark slipmat, poster, sticker, set to ship in December (supposedly) - 500 Sticky Shed Cassette - Psychedelic screen print - ??? Blade Records Cassette - 100 Pink Haze Cassette - 50 Colectivo Arista (Mex) Cassette - ??? (This site has basically no info, first release) Cheap Miami Hand dubbed and numbered, includes second tape of 'Miami's best psych and punk rock bands' - 150 Forthcoming: Neptoon Records (Vancouver) - A Side / B Side Opaque Red w/ Transparent Blue /w Opaque Yellow Splatter - 500 (not active yet) ATO Records Hyperloop Records - Lathe cut copies sold on ebay?? - 50 VRR (Vinyl Record Raffle)- 2 planned 180gram releases - is not taking any money until there's a complete 100% plan. is now taking input and considering box set. May have to join VRR facebook group to view goings on. I'm just listing these for posterity, not necessarily encouraging to buy - if some label doesn't end up having the product months down the line, it's not my responsibility! Just wanna make that clear!
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Wait, why are we still here?
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    A bunch of fuckin 7" flexis?
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    why cant there be a new thread started for just vinyl updates (and kept on track) and move this one to EE so the discussion can continue? im sure plenty of people would love to not have to sift through 15 pages in 2 days just to get some sort of update on where their vinyl is. isnt this a vinyl forum after all? @Shitty Rambo @jhulud
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    Shower Farts

    Reminder that this thread exists and I think of it from time to time. Like right now for example.
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    FS: Brand New Your Favorite Weapon TP

    If you don't burn them on instagram you support isis
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    First thought, best thought.
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    I've given it a few repeated listens but I'm not warming up to it. At least not as quickly as 1989. It feels like a forced effort to be indie pop but not really getting it. And the overuse of effects & auto-tune in some spots just grinds my gears.
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    I'm kind of hoping this goes up early next year, which I know will probably leave a lot of people here foaming at the mouth in paroxysms of rage if it happens but November and December are the worst possible months to be dropping what I imagine will be probably at least $50 worth of pre-order before another $30 international shipping. I've been waiting for a chance to grab this for so long I'm happy to wait till after the financial bloodbath that is Christmas is done.
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    The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread

    It won’t mean anything if it doesn’t have identical cover art.
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    According to the ad, Best Buy will have Buy 1 vinyl get the 2nd for 50% off on Black Friday.
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    Apparently there's an "added value" cassette of a 1986 live show in Japan available at indie shops. One shop here is giving it away free when you buy the super deluxe box. Not sure if it only applies to the super deluxe box of if it's also free if you buy the other formats.
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    Out one day: Citizen - New LP

    Why didn't management just address inaccuracies instead of censoring a thread? Fuck that shit. This is a music discussion board, add to the discussion don't fucking kill it. If that is a true story it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.
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