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    I see Mogwai's 'Ten Rapid' is available for $29.59 plus $3.99 shipping from MovieMars on Amazon.com, which is lower than the price will be from UK dealers on Saturday. =================== David Bowie's 'Welcome To The Blackout' is $48.80 plus $3.99 shipping from MovieMars on Amazon.com. =================== Public Service Broadcasting 'People Will Always Need Coal' EP is available as an Amazon.com Prime Pre-order for $19.98US, again, much cheaper than the UK price. =================== The Wire Box Set is $108.33 including shipping to the USA from the Amazon.Italy site . The price looks higher than that until you checkout - then they back out the taxes and the price drops nicely. ===================
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    Anyone else read the trailer description for the new Halloween? I'm pretty stoked that they're just throwing out every sequel (even though I liked some of them).
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    The Saint

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Went into Turntable Lab today to look at RSD leftovers. Walked out with Hyper Light Drifter and no RSD stuff. Can't say I'm too upset.
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    WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    Don't let this guy rip you off! I'll pay 2012 prices $$$$$$$$
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