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  1. I "like" it when ordering from a euro store within europe is more expensive than grabbing the LP from overseas. Oh well, at least that swirl looks not so promising.
  2. Can not decide which one is worse, the cover or the band itself. So hard decision.
  3. What's the problem with RE? I might have missed something but see no extraordinary in their operation.
  4. Debemur Morti is currently running a sale including the In The Woods... 6XLP boxset with a 70% off discount for only 22.5 EUR:
  5. It's a double LP. Where do you see $30 for the black version? As I see they ask $22 for the standard version which is not cheap but for an 2XLP not so outrageous.
  6. Many versions available, site got crush down and I was refreshing for an hour to finally get the /30 Die Hard Faux Leather version. Band is so good. Hear the first song here: Die hard versions: 100 Clear Vinyl Die Hard aka “The John McClane edition” 30 Faux Leather Sleeve hand numbered to 30 $85 70 Denim Sleeve hand numbered to 70 $65 100 clear Semi Die Hard Purple Vinyl aka “The Hans Gruber” Alternate Printed cover hand numbered to 100 $50 Regular editions:
  7. Yes, can not wait!
  8. Ordered the deluxe photobook. The cover is bad as hell but still excited to check it while listening the tunes.
  9. Well, euro store states it is limited to 200 copies while US is 300, so I am pretty sure it is two different version.
  10. PO live now: 150 X Clear 350 X Black Ordered the hell out of the clear one!
  11. Yep, definitely was complaining about international rates on sub pop site.
  12. Grabbed the deluxe from the official store yesterday, the shipping was way cheaper than the subpop store's.
  13. Well, the cover is awful and I hate swamp green color but this is COC, so instant buy!
  14. What an awesome track! Will order soon for sure.
  15. True, but this release is really something more. I do not like hiphop in general but in love with Onra's output and approach so have to grab this one. Anyway, it seems only 18 copies remained.