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  1. PO: S. Carey - Hundred Acres

    2018 cant come soon enough. new S. Carey is much needed!
  2. The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread

    ordered from bullmoose!
  3. late to the Julien Baker party but holy shit is this stuff good. Ordered both LPs through 6131 last night. bummed i missed out on some earlier pressings of her first LP.
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    it could also be an unreleased Desaparecidos lyric
  5. you can play the frames for unreleased songs as well! just an FYI from one VC'er to another.
  6. who still has a CD collection?! it's 2017 for godsakes!
  7. merchguru's delayed response here is due to coming up with a comeback so good that everyone will be forced to buy this overpriced LP
  8. shit yeah! last from his discography i needed. glad i held out and didnt pay the Discog prices, or go for the europress that had another LP with it.
  9. probably a typo because they were so excited!
  10. bump for an update. saw this today: Cursive - The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics of Song http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26043743/cursive-the-storms-of-early-sumemr-semantics-of-song Cursive - Such Blinding Stars for Blinding Eyes http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26043730/cursive-such-blinding-stars-for-blinding-eyes
  11. Lights & Motion - "Dear Avalanche" release via Deep Elm earlier this year is being pressed by Spartan Records. this is the 3rd LP from this project. cool cinematic/post-rock. First pressing limited to 500 copies: "Aurora Borealis" (Pink/Purple/Blue/Green Starburst) (250) "Wharariki" (Yellow/White/Baby Blue Starburst) (250) Ships Mid December Stream it here: http://deepelmdigital.com/album/dear-avalanche PO Here: http://www.spartanrecords.com/products/592283-lights-motion-dear-avalanche-2xlp
  12. That new blis. album "No One Loves You" tho cant wait to see them with Microwave next month.
  13. PO Now: Strange Ranger - Daymoon

    Really digging this release! great follow up to their first LP