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    gazzo reacted to MCDELTAT in PO : Sorority Noise - YNAAYT 12"   
    I'm going to agree with everyone. After the first listen, I'm not super impressed. The second half of the album was slow anyways, so this is just like "what if we took this acoustic song and wrote is slightly different". Then all the fast songs at the front end of the album also got slowed down. But I mean they're going on Hiatus and I have every release from them so it's the least I can do to support them.
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    gazzo reacted to zaoza in Do you have a vinyl only instagram?   
    Here's mine. Mostly records (with short review, or sometimes just babbling about things related to it), gigs and random stuff. 
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    gazzo reacted to KingTacoMunster in Do you have a vinyl only instagram?   
    just followed a good bit of you, so if youre wondering who @villnsandlovrs is, tis me.
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    gazzo reacted to Riegler in PO: BY THE GRACE OF GOD - Above Fear LP   
    Solid dudes!  I hope that some copies make it to EU distros.
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    gazzo reacted to lethalenforcer in PO: Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself Repress (/300 black) Bundles with Ellipse and Baby Songs 7"   
    First EU preorder
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    gazzo reacted to tlr in PO : Sorority Noise - YNAAYT 12"   
    250 Light Blue with Cream Splatter (FLWR / Wax Bodega)
    500 Half Light Blue / Half Clear
    900 Green (JED Foundation)
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    gazzo reacted to DafTyler in PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)   
    This made me excited, then i remembered i havent liked an underoath album since 2004. 
    Hopefully this is back to that sound. 
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    gazzo got a reaction from MrMatt767 in TREOS- Between The Heart And The Synapse [Preorder   
    tnx for that!
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    gazzo reacted to MrMatt767 in TREOS- Between The Heart And The Synapse [Preorder   
    Yeah because I messaged them and they fixed it within a day
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    gazzo got a reaction from DealsOnVinyl in PO: The Ataris - Silver Turns To Rust 12" LP (February)   
    lp arrived yesterday and it's actually pretty darn good (didn't listen to it on bandcamp).  A somewhat logical progression from So Long Astoria (as in, back to a more punkrock sound instead of an alt rock sound like on Welcome The Night). It's not the best release ,and it rehashes some older stuff, but it's fun to finally have a "new" ataris record. 
    and uhm Enjoy The Ride Records is getting a couple of them to sell in the States, so if you want to save on shipping ,wait a few days. 
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    gazzo got a reaction from ethanpricington in PO: Thirty Seconds To Mars - America   
    funniest thing is that Jared was hyping it up with saying "3 years in the making". If it takes 3 years to make something like this, something is really wrong.

    Coming from a guy that loved albums 1-3
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    gazzo reacted to redroom in PO: Taylor Swift - Reputation (out on 11/10)   
    Got my copy from them. 
    Side A had a big bubble and the first song was unplayable because of this. 
    They send me a new one at no extra charge. 
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    gazzo reacted to slinch in PO: Taylor Swift - Reputation (out on 11/10)   
    For EU folks, found this on dodax for 21,99 € with free shipping: https://www.dodax.de/de-de/musik-cds-dvds-vinyl/pop/swift-taylor-reputation-dpJMAOAOMD245/
    Still not sure if I should pick it up for the two songs I like, but it's the cheapest price I've seen.
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    gazzo got a reaction from xfactor675 in The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)   
    tnx man, didn't know them, listened to it ,bought instantly. 7.5€ shipped  awesome
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    gazzo reacted to xfactor675 in The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)   
    If anyone missed out on this likeI did, here are 4 copies of this for 6.61 pounds shipped anywhere from Importcds on Amazon UK's marketplace.
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    gazzo reacted to dawhizz in best/worst customer service from a distro/label?   
    Ordered two Rebuilder albums from Panic State Records (https://www.panicstaterecords.com/) on 12/7 (Rock & Roll in America on black vinyl and the Sounds from the Mass Turnpike EP on black vinyl).  They ended up going out a week and a half later and I got them on 12/22, which I don't consider to be untimely given that it's the busy Christmas season and I certainly didn't complain about the timeliness of shipment, but they ended up putting in another variant of Sounds from the Mass Turnpike (Celtic green & white) for free to apologize for sending it late.  I even contacted them to make sure it wasn't a mistake. 
    Good people over there (and those albums are great too).
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    gazzo reacted to natenomm in PO NOW: Glassjaw - Material Control (12-1-17)   
    CD options are up:
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    gazzo got a reaction from famousdrumer in PO: The Ataris - Silver Turns To Rust 12" LP (February)   
    pre ordered it quickly yesterday, any new Ataris is good Ataris.

    Coming from one of the few humans who loved Welcome The Night
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    gazzo got a reaction from underwaterzoo in Pvris - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (8/4)   
    aussie smoke finally arrived in Belgium.  Prices on discogs are already bonkers. 
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    gazzo reacted to tape in PO Now: Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights   
    This is what she had at the show on Saturday:

    Plus there was vinyl of both albums (orange for Turn Out the Lights, purple and dark blue splatter for Sprained Ankle) and the 7". Also the Sprained Ankle cassette and the Turn Out the Lights CD.
    There was also a tote bag with that round tiger art from the white shirt on the right, and a tan baseball cap. There may have also been an enamel pin but I can't recall for sure.
    Of course, there's obviously no guarantee that this will also be the same merch for a European tour. For example, they only had one of the shirts available in my size, which makes some sense as it was the penultimate night of the tour. Now, these same things might be restocked for Europe, or there might be totally new stuff. Who knows?
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    gazzo reacted to phelansegur in PO : Chuck Ragan - The Flame In The Flood - Vinyl   
    I had to pay  $ 68,62  for both colors shipped to Europe .. I left a comment on Chuck's FB site and he answered "Noted!" .. so I think he's working on the shipping costs. It is a lot of money for sure, but in the end it's Chuck !!
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    gazzo got a reaction from underwaterzoo in Pvris - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (8/4)   
    yeah, wouldn't be surprised if we're not getting that pressing. 
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    gazzo reacted to lastvaultboy in PO Now: Sufjan Stevens - The Greatest Gift (Carrie & Lowell demos/remixes)   
    Great news - not sure I can drop $40 to the UK though...!