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  1. There's a new 7" up in the band's new official store. The North East South West 7" is available now.
  2. Band's official store is now the KRM store
  3. Descendents - Everything Sucks 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition LP/7" There's standard 180 gram black vinyl and KRM exclusive clear vinyl. Clear limited to 1000 Stand alone LP/7" and available in bundles. Lots of great Everything Sucks merch available now as well. Track list: LP (33 1/3 RPM) Side A Everything Sux I’m The One Coffee Mug Rotting Out Sick-O-Me Caught When I Get Old Doghouse She Loves Me Side B Hateful Notebook We Eunuch Boy This Place I Won’t Let Me Thank You Vinyl 7” (Black – 45 RPM) Side A: Lucky Side B: Shattered Milo
  4. Hahaha spectacular. Post screen shots. Or just text me.
  5. Definitely no black vinyl for this. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few copies go back up online at some point.
  6. Grabbed a Gimmes colored LP
  7. Jay is a really awesome guy
  8. Took long enough, geez
  9. Magnetic North might be my favorite Hopesfall album, really didnt think it would ever get pressed either.
  10. Picked up Satellite Years and Magnetic North, never really got into A-Types. Mock ups look really cool, cant wait to get these in.
  11. Got my HT exclusive copy in the mail. This came out way better than I expected.