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  1. Deluxe up at Bull Moose:
  2. Posted in the group buy thread too, but I'll take Ra Ra Riot!
  3. I'll take Ra Ra Riot!
  4. Tests arrived today, got Mud and Over the Garden Wall. I'd like to hang onto Mud, but would trade either for Twin Peaks or Maniac tests if anyone received those.
  5. Blue and Black are both back up:
  6. 15 sessions are live:
  7. All three are also up on Bull Moose: 7" 10" 12"
  8. BM:
  9. I was able to cancel. Went with BM.
  10. Indie exclusive up at BM:
  11. BM link, doesn't mention color:
  12. Looks like it's part of the "Ten Bands, One Cause" series:
  13. Bull Moose has two more variants up: Indie exclusive (180-gram White Starburst and Reflex Blue Viny, limited to 2000 copies) Standard (?) blue:
  14. I just followed all of them so I don't miss the drop.