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  1. Found one
  2. This is Jonny Craig’s band right? kidding
  3. VNYL

    Honestly part of this is from the vinyl “bubble” but also monetized YouTube and the whole subculture associated with selling your soul to shill products to your followers. Bring back YouTube before ads , now get off my lawn
  4. you played the flute, but no one was dancing

    1. mmach013


      you sang a sad song but none of us cried


    Feel the djent
  6. What video games have you been playing?

    You guys get the email signup for Fortnite on iOS?
  7. WTB: All mewithoutYou variants

    i only need 7 more things to have the complete discography.
  8. What are some albums you initially didn't like all that much or revisited and enjoyed?
  9. A far cry from The Moon Is Down or Swiss Army Romance huh?
  10. Album had a few moments but I probably won’t listen again and definitely won’t buy the LP EDIT- I’ll give it a few more tries I guess but between this and the dud of a FSF album idk
  11. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Wow might jump on some Litecoin - down to $121