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  1. I have heard this song twice live, and I really, really think it sucks. It unarguably sounds like a track cut from S/T because it sounded too much like 3 or 4 songs already on it.
  2. You're comparing someone dressed up as a clown giving an arguably offensive performance on a stage, to someone hitting a girl in the face with a bottle of liquor.
  3. The Infinity Crush song on this is unreal.
  4. I am confused by this conversation because Nicole has no relation to OT. Either way! Listen to the new song here:
  5. Genuinely curious, what's funny about it?
  6. It's hard to disagree or correct information without sounding like an asshole, but I assure you I do not mean to sound like an asshole, nor am I trying to make someone look stupid. If anyone cares to read about DMM vs. Lacquer vinyl pressing there's tons of information provided with a quick google search, but I found the explanation of the two here: to be pretty succint explanations.
  7. Respectfully, this information is not correct. Like any plant, Pirates/GZ use the audio you provide them. Are you implying that even when provided a quality vinyl master, they are somehow acquiring a CD or downloading MP3s and using those instead? Why would that ever happen? Some people prefer DMM and some don't, both methods have their pros and cons, but 99.9% of people would never notice the difference. If you've have poor sounding GZ pressings, it's because of the master provided. Sometimes their different configurations, haze in particular, has a "dust" or "sand" on it, which can easily be wiped off and does not scratch or hurt the record. This is definitely not ideal, but not the end of the world. GZ uses Direct Metal Mastering, which is a different process from using a lacquer. If you get a lacquer made and send it to Pirates or any plant pressing DMM vinyl you have wasted hundreds of dollars for no reason. Cheap packaging: Have you seen or held one of the Hey Mercedes 2xLPs, or really anything we've put out recently? You could likely knock someone out with it if you were so inclined. Like any plant in the world there is a multitude of packaging options. Nice things cost money. Some people don't want to pay for it, and in return their products have lighter/flimsier jackets. Blaming this on the plant makes zero sense.
  8. Honestly don't even know if its an online thing, I wouldn't glue yourself to your laptop just yet.
  9. not RFC related, but let's just say, don't buy a Salt tape second hand any time soon.
  10. Nah, you sound completely ignorant, he's right.
  11. Am I stupid? The only band I can think of that fits this criteria is Converge.
  12. Looking for: Son Volt Live Willie Nelson / Uncle Tupelo DM me, thanks!