The Juliana Theory - Emotion is Dead (PO-ish)

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A few thoughts since I am just catching up on this thread:


1.) A couple of these shows had already sold out. I (obviously) don't have access to their sales numbers, but the response was strong in enough markets that they nearly doubled the city count after first announcing the tour. 


2.) Someone said that Brett's solo albums were overpriced?!  I fucking made each of those by hand and they had some of the most unique packaging you've ever seen.  Anyone who got a copy got it for a song as far as my tired hands are concerned!


3.) If this is too expensive for you, you should pick up a copy of Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat from me right here:

$26 bucks for a 2xLP in a gatefold jacket that unfolds twice, extends to over 4 feet long and housed inside of a screen printed, hand numbered jacket. 


4.) I am pretty close with Brett. He is one of the nicest dudes I've ever met. He and the band members get along so well, and a day spent on any social media shows how close they all interact (and have for years)


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2 minutes ago, birdwell said:

 this shit is hilarious, wouldn't it make more sense to keep selling this merch to fund this (Surely to be bunk) new record?

One would think, unless they just hadn't sold many. In which case they could maybe reorder a more realistic amount and try selling them at an equally realistic price.

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I responded to the cancellation email and asked why the records were cancelled along with the tour:


We are writing to apologize but your order (and everyone else’s order) from The Juliana Theory online store is being refunded.  It’s a long story but the printing and fulfillment of our merchandise was tied directly into our tour and the merchandise can’t be made without the tour happening.  Because the tour is postponed none of our merch can be printed at this time.  We apologize sincerely as we know this is a bummer.  To make this up to you you’ll get two free tickets to see us when we reschedule our tour.  We’ll also let you know before anyone else when we re-open our store for orders again.  We can’t thank you enough for your support all these years and for understanding this situation.  

Thank you sincerely,
Brett, Josh, Chad, Josh, and Chip

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